What would you do if you only had 5 months to live?

Coach Herbert erbert Coach

If you had five months left to live what would you do?

What would you spend your time doing?

What would you stop doing daily?

What would you complete that you have been putting off?

Would you leave your job?

What things would you pursue?

What things would you stop pursuing?

Who would you stop spending time with?

Would you start living life more purposefully?

What would you stop wasting your money on?

Would you go traveling around the world?

What good would you leave for the world?

Who would you spend more time with?

And how would you truly live your life?

The clock ticks, the days pass, how many more days shall you be in a life that is of someone else’s making. You must develop a sense of urgency to make your dreams a reality. Do it now! Do it now! Do it now! Make your dreams come to fruition by completing the tasks that will elevate your venture and your life to a whole new level.

Live each second.

Each moment.

Just LIVE.

Live for what you believe in.

Live for what you strive for.

Live without regrets.

Absolutely none.

Life is temporary, but many get caught up in the trap of thinking that this is never going to end. The end is closer than we think it is but we waste our days engaging in meaningless things that add no value to our lives and that takes us away from the ultimate success.

Life is a gift. Feel blessed for every moment. Be happy. Be joyous. Be grateful and thankful to God. Live each day as if it is your last (in a good manner), as it could be.

Tomorrow is promised to no one.

So don’t waste your life living someone else’s life.

What a shame that will be.

To live a life of cowardice and settle for the life that you have stumbled into rather than becoming the person that you truly want to be.

Believe in yourself and take action.

Get started, get moving, take action daily that will move you in the direction of your dreams. There is no need to live in a nightmare, there is absolutely no need to resign yourself to someone else’s life.

Get busy with making your dreams a reality, or settle for the life that you don’t want. Your life depends upon you taking action, the hero within you must rise up and fly, fly in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.

Hasn’t the time come for you to go all in on your dreams?

Hasn’t the time come for you to burn the bridges to a life of mediocrity and get on the path of greatness?

Make it happen! Do not wait around procrastinating on life. Be an action taker and live life on your own terms.




It is easy to enter in a relationship. But making it thrive is incredibly difficult. It requires a lot of work. It’s like planting a tree. You need to water it for years. And the time will come when the tree can survive by itself.

But no, not really. A relationship is not generally like planting a tree. Why? Because healthy relationships need constant care. You must water it for the rest of your life.

Most people who failed in their relationships missed the biggest picture. The truth is that a relationship cannot simply work by itself. It needs both parties to cultivate it.

Why do most marriages fail to do so? Simply because most couples are indifferent – they often miss (or unwilling to do) the vital ingredients of healthy relationships.

If you are new in a relationship, you can feel the warm, excitement, and care. But can you keep that for years? If you are uncertain, this article is for you. Below are the most basic and yet the most neglected components of a successful relationship.


  1. The magic words.

“I love you.” These words are magical. People in healthy relationships do this all the time. They don’t lose the initial affection and romance. Even you’re in a long-term relationship, whispering these words can be very helpful.

  1. Confidence.

You can’t have a perfect relationship. But you can always find ways to fix things without blaming your partner. Remember that you are a team. Thus, you must work together confidently to solve the problems.

  1. Being considerate.

The primary problem of most couples is that the more they get used to each other, the more they stop to listen to their partner’s opinions or suggestions. This is the time when respect would also gradually fade away. But couples in healthy relationships don’t lose their respect with their partners. They assure that they always listen to each other.

  1. Keeping the flame.

Most relationships struggle to keep the passion. But it shouldn’t be. Passion is the flame that must be kept as you go along on your journey as a couple. Let your partner know that you’re still crazy about him/her. Flirting plays a vital role to bring back the excitement in your relationship.

  1. Gratitude.

A simple gratitude display can bring so much joy. But sadly, most people forget about it. Whatever your partner does, even simple things such as bringing you a cup of coffee to your study room, s/he deserves a “Thank You.” Do it all the time and you and your partner will nurture respect and happiness.

  1. Accountability.

Yes, you may be a smart person. But you are not perfect. It means that you can potentially commit a mistake. When that happens, don’t hesitate or forget to say sorry. Couples in healthy relationships are always responsible for their behavior. They are honest about themselves. They acknowledge their responsibility of fixing their mess.WHAT MAKES A RELATIONSHIP BETTER.

  1. Encouragement.

As a couple, you may have different choices and aspirations. But such difference must not create conflict. Healthy relationships have one thing in common – encouragement. This means that both parties support each other. Remember that you are a team. Do not turn your back on your partner. Support him/her instead. Encouragement makes healthy relationships even healthier.




By Coach Herbert

Many people grow up in this world being conditioned to be timid, afraid and think that they cannot learn. They say, ‘I don’t know how to do it’, ‘I don’t know what to do’, and ‘I am not good enough’. Forget what you think you know about success, many people have a negative outlook on their life and expect to attain success. You will never succeed with that type of mentality. You can learn anything that you want to learn, you can grow as an individual, you can do it, you can figure things out, and you are good enough.

The best way to learn is to take action, sitting around wishing and hoping for things to change will not bring about positive change. Positive change is a result of you taking new action in the direction of what you really want. Action is what makes you stronger, action is what breeds confidence within you, action is what makes you fearless, and action is what makes all the difference, that is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

The way to learn to do something is to ‘DO IT’. If you do the things that you find hard you will learn and they will become easier for you eventually. Sitting around and not taking action and just settling for a meager existence is easy, look around you, most people are caught up in auto-pilot mode, they do the same average things day after day. If you want that life then don’t take any action, don’t do the things that you find hard, don’t try anything new, don’t go after what you want, just be a coward, and you will be among-st the sheep, who are heading nowhere, but going round and round in circles, living the same year over and over again. People are blind to this fact, it comes from being in a state of sleep, and people need to be awakened and made aware that there is more to life than just living to pay your bills.

Many people overwhelm themselves by thinking of what they want to accomplish, they think that it is too far fetched. Nothing is impossible, you can learn anything that you are determined to learn to succeed. The best way is to start small by breaking up the goal that you want to achieve, break the goal into small tangible tasks that are attainable so that they accrue into the attainment of your goal.

The only way you can get better at something is to engage in it, the more you engage in what you perceive to be bad at the better you will get at it. However, please note this down, you are not born bad at something, you just have not learned how to do it. But many people make the assumption that they should be experts in the field before they take action, allow yourself to be a beginner, everyone starts at the bottom, you must work your way up to the top.

Let me conclude, you can learn anything that you want to learn, you are capable, you are able, you are special, you are blessed with gifts that you do not know about yet, you have the potential to achieve amazing things, and you can live a life of greatness. Take action in the areas that are aligned to your dreams and goals and learn what you need to learn. Don’t ever give up.IMG-20170714-WA0024

If others have done it so can you, never let others tell you otherwise. It’s your choice who you choose to become, and your daily actions determine who you become and how you will live your life. You have to push yourself to do what needs to be done to take your life to a whole new level. It is up to you if you succeed or fail.



erbert Coach

By Coach Herbert

For the past couple for days if not weeks, I have been having conversations with a former high school mate. She was extremely gifted, she had such aura, beauty, brains and very much athletic and I still believe she still is if not more refined now and more all-round mature.  Much of our convos have been centered on what we can be, do and accomplish and do to mankind. I even went as far as talking about her on one radio talk show program as how much I saw of her way back then in the past during high school.  She is so sure and distinct about her path now and what she is meant to be and do in life. I said to her.” My dear go for you passions you have all that it takes to be one of the best and at the top of your game and dwarf and surpass all who speak and write. This article was birthed through such convos and other things I observe about life.

The choice is truly yours. If you don’t work for what you want you will have to settle for what you don’t want. This is the life many have chosen to live. There is a mass resignation to the average life, many people have thrown the towel in, many people have given up before they have even begun, and do you see that? Are you one of those people who have not even tried but you have already given up on yourself? What a timid way to live your life, what is the point in being a coward? What good does it do for you to just sit around being a part of the crowd? Or you choose to follow the masses into a life of conformity. In my soon coming book to be published Manage your Fears,-before it’s too late, a must read for the serious minded about potential and accomplishments in life.

Cowards die daily, the hero within you wants to be brought forth but many just choose to silence that voice with the voice of fear. The voice of fear becomes greater than their belief and then they just do absolutely nothing to change their life, and end up being a little timid individual, complaining about how hard life is, what is so hard in sitting around complaining? It takes no effort to utter words of misery, it takes courage to get up and take action in the direction of your dreams.

Be an action taker, not an excuse maker. Be focused on action, not on inaction. Be solution orientated, not problem orientated. Be motivated, rather than demotivated. Be obsessed, rather than being average. Just the way you build a house, design your life. Take one step at a time; one day at a time, one task at a time, and one goal at a time.

If you don’t make time for what you want and how you want to truly live your life no one else will, do what you love, do what makes you happy, do something that fuels your joy, do something that makes a positive difference in the world, and do something that helps to advance humanity to a greater level. Follow your bliss, and awaken to the realization that life can be lived in whatever way you want to live it. Don’t just hope it will work out in your favor, do the work and do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality, whatever it takes is the mindset of champions, champions do what needs to be done, they believe that success is inevitable, they expect to succeed because they are putting in the work every single day no matter what.

It is through action that the life we seek comes to the fore, it is with action that the invisible becomes visible, it is with action that the formless takes shape and materializes and takes form. The dream life within your mind is real, never be told otherwise, your imagination backed up by action will bring you a life of prosperity and abundance. The only opinion that matters on this journey is your own, separate yourself from the masses, be an anomaly, take the path where few go, where many desire to be, where the courageous reside, where the risk takers dwell, where the action takers fight for the things that they want. Leave the herd, leave the cowards, leave the lazy people, leave the unambitious folk, leave the entertainment lovers, leave the excuses makers, leave the time waster, leave the procrastinators, leave the sheep who do nothing with their time because they are so busy engrossed by the bullshit people like to call a normal life.

For the next  days be tougher on yourself so that you take your life to a new level, how many more days, week, months, and years do you want to remain on the level you are on now? How many more years do you want to continue to live the life you are living? Think about that, if you continue to do what you are currently doing where are you going to be 6 months from now? Where are you going to be 1 year from now? Where are you going to be 5 years now if you keep up with your daily habits? Please sit and think about that deeply, take 10 minutes and really think about that point.

Life has made me realize and observe that, successful people get ahead while others are sitting around being average, the time the majority waste the successful, ambitious, hungry individuals are getting ahead, time is the greatest resource that you have, you have to learn to use your 24 hours in the most productive manner so that you are on course to achieve your goals and live life on your own terms. Each day you are either moving in the direction of your dreams or you are not, do not just throw the anchor in and settle for where you are now just because you have found a little comfort, go to the rough seas, go to the places that are unexplored, go to the unknown lands that will test your character and help to develop you into a more actualized individual.

I say to you all, believe in yourself, take daily action that will move your life to a greater level, focus on the key tasks that will really make a difference in your life, make the next couple  months different from the last, half a year has gone what you have done in the first half of this year? How much have you really progressed with your dreams? Commit to making your dreams a reality, commit to do what needs to be done, commit to be among-st the best, commit to mastery, commit to win, commit to be a champion, commit to excellence, commit to fight for what you want, commit to living life on your own terms, and make a commitment to yourself that you will persevere until you succeed.

Thanks for the conversations’ we have had they have been so enriching to me, am truly inspired.I have observed you and admired you since high school days,hope to see you step up and take your place at the top.


DSC_0001By Coach Herbert.

You must let go of what holds you back from living your greatest life so that you may fly. Detach yourself from the things and people that weigh you down and hold you back from living a life of greatness. Thoughts, feelings, actions, and people that are mediocre must be removed from your life, absorb what is beneficial, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own. Empty your mind and be free, forgive, forget, move on, let go, yesterday has been and gone, there is no benefit in dwelling on the past; it is a new day, so begin again.

The memories of the past hold many back, past failures, past defeats, past pains, past struggles, past adversity, and past disappointments. It does not matter what happened yesterday, if you knew better you would have done better, no one is born a genius, we have to figure things out by ourselves mainly, we can be guided by our elders and peers to follow a certain path but ultimately it is our actions that reveal to us the true path that we really want to take. Others cannot walk the path for you, it is your journey.

Let go of the people who try to keep you down and confine you to where you are, why do people have the need to tell others what they cannot do? Most people are just weak minded and they try to impose their disbelief on others with their stupid views on what is attainable. Winners get up and take action, losers just sit around assuming failure. Be a winner and take action, so what if things do not work out, at least you tried, and at least you had the courage to take action.

Commit yourself to being an action taker in all aspects of your life, your dream life does not come about by wishing, it comes as a result of action. The more action you take the stronger you will get. Conquer your fears and fight for what you want.

We must let go of all those things that weigh us down within ourselves, the negative thoughts that play on your mind add no value to your life but cause you to lose focus on your mission, negative thoughts are mini distractions that are trying to destroy you from within. Shut those thoughts down and replace them with what you want to accomplish.

Adopt the beginner’s mindset, of not being paralyzed by the memories of failure. Be a beginner again, when life was an enjoyable adventure of courage, fearlessness, and action. When we are younger we are more fearless but when we go through life being around the mediocre folk we start to mirror their cowardice. Empty yourself of conformity. The shackles of conformity imprison many to a fake life but that does not have to be the case for you. You do not have to remain confined to a life you don’t want to live.

Hasn’t the time come for you to step it up to a whole new level? Hasn’t the time come for you to live life on a different level? Hasn’t the time come for you to be who you want to be? Hasn’t the time come for you to eradicate negativity from your life? Hasn’t the time come for you to focus on success? Hasn’t the time come for you to see what you are truly made of? And hasn’t the time come for you to spread your wings and fly?





Coach Herbert .

Life rarely gives us second chances, even though now and then it does it is always not a guarantee that you will get them.  Most of the time s in life we miss the mark, fail to hit the target and end up messing up what seemingly was a well-planned life. What would you do differently if you could start all over again? So many people fantasize with the idea that if they could only go back and start again they would make different choices and do something different from what they are doing now.

You can’t go back in time, but you can actually do something about your situation now if you don’t like how your life has panned out so far. But the amusing thing is that people know what they done wrong and what they would change but they do not change anything, they will just live out the rest of their days complaining about the past.

Complaining does not help to change your life around, it is action. You have the capabilities within you to take charge of your life by identifying what you have done wrong and then you can correct your mistakes of the past by making wiser choices with the use of your days ahead.

The days that are before you are what will help to define how you live out your life, you can continue to live the mediocre life or you can step it up and be determined to succeed and make the last chapter of your life the blockbuster which your life should have been. Never dwell on the past, use it as a teacher to teach you what you need to do better.

You have the choice from today to shape your life in whatever way you want it to be. So what are you going to do? See what aspects of your life you need to improve upon, spirituality, health, family, dreams, personal development, financial freedom, and adventure.

What areas are you not happy with? What areas do you wish you had the opportunity to correct? Now with the answers in hand, set your goals, deadlines, and plans to amend these areas of your life. You can make the necessary changes needed within yourself in order to get better results.

Do not be fooled by the negative folk who have given up on themselves and have just settled. Throw the old script out of the window and rewrite one the way you want your life to truly be. Believe in yourself, you have within you the gifts and talents to accomplish amazing things, if only you would take action you would come to the realization that you are more powerful than you perceive yourself to be.

Let this be day one of a life that is lived fearlessly. Now is the time to embody ambition, determination, drive, hunger, persistence, personal growth, courage, adventure, ruthlessness, and a burning desire within you to make your dreams a reality.

Start to move in the direction you truly want to go, do not remain confined to a life of mediocrity, living life in a state of resignation. It’s time to step it up to new heights in your life. How many hours, days, months, and years have you wasted so far doing pointless things that don’t benefit your life not even one bit? Plenty, we are all guilty of throwing away our time like it is something which has no value, you must value your time to focus on those things that matter the most. Spend your time engaging in only the most important things that will benefit you, you have to reduce and exterminate the garbage daily activities and people from your life.

You must get serious about success if you want to develop your life to a higher standard by changing your thinking and changing your daily habits. These two aspects are what keep people stuck in the swamp of mediocrity, drowning slowly as a result of self-betrayal, and living a lie.

Is that what you have become content with? A garbage life, which we are told to pursue, where is the fulfillment in living this sort of timid life? There seems to be none, work should be something that is an expression of who you are, rather than just assuming someone else’s life. Work can be that and even more if you design the life that you want to live and put in the work. Let not the lies of the majority fool you into being like them, you will be going against yourself, your greatness demands that you be who you want to be and live the life that you are capable of living. Give yourself approval to go forward in the direction you know within you that you truly want to pursue, most people are their own worst enemies, they build up a case of why things will not work out, the list of why it won’t work is endless, pages and pages of brainless issues, you must start to build up a case of how you will succeed by saying, ‘How can I become successful?’ And the first thing you must do is believe in yourself.

Believe that you have what it takes because you do. Deep within yourself plant the seed of belief and keep on affirming to yourself every single day that you are destined to be a huge success. The time to start a new adventure has arrived, this shall be one with many ups and downs but you have the strength to ride the waves and reach the promised land. Hard work and dedication is what takes you from where you are to where you truly want to go.

Difficult belief systems


By Herbert

As you get older the dominant beliefs that you hold within your mind will start to harden. There are many people who are older who have negative hardened beliefs and then there are younger people who have been exposed to negativity that they start becoming old mentally well before their time. Most people are so corrupted by the false beliefs of mediocrity that they see no hope of a better future.

You have to be open-minded if you want to be successful. Closed mindedness is detrimental to developing as an individual, if you refuse to allow new beliefs to be inputted into your mind then you shall just think the same old thoughts and do the same old things and live the same old life. A new life comes about as a result of a new mind. And a new mind can only be developed through action and personal development.

Being closed minded and stubborn in your views in regards to attaining success and living your dreams is a major issue among many I have seen, people are so adamant in their disbelief of themselves that they have convinced themselves that they do not have what it takes to succeed and that belief has been repeated and affirmed daily for the past few years that they have sold themselves short on a life of misery that they play their role in. A lack of action is a major indicator of an individual’s belief in themselves. Being closed minded will result in you being a coward, it will result in you being a wage slave, just sitting around watching TV wasting your life during your free time, sitting around playing video games excessively, making excuses and fooling yourself that you are meant to be average.

Take a close look at your beliefs in the major areas of your life and identify the self-limiting beliefs that you have about yourself. Free yourself from these thoughts, open your mind, and release these self-imposed labels that you have attached to yourself. The beliefs you have about yourself stem from your dominant thoughts, you become what you think about. You must start to create a more developed version of yourself within the mind’s eye at first and then let your actions be in alignment to the person that you want to become.

Never let the closed-mindedness of others deter you or hold you back from going after your dreams. I have encountered many people who have sold themselves short, they have settled for nothing, they have become poisoned by mediocrity and they are living a lie betraying themselves daily. These are the ones who will try to hold you back from living your dreams, distance yourself from them, ignore their opinions; they are promoters of mediocrity, unconsciously. The majority of people have been educated to be average, to be an employee, and to be a sheep. If that is what you want then do what everyone does and you will get that type of life. The lazy man’s life is easy to live, it takes no effort being mediocre. It will take everything you have within you to live your dreams.


Start your day with the vision of you accomplishing your mission, living in your passion and fulfilling your purpose. Open your mind and let the thoughts of greatness flow through you. Open your mind, dare to dream, dare to believe, dare to be who you want to be and take action to live the life you truly want to live. Be open to the possibilities that there are no limits to what you can achieve, I urge you to start getting rid of the old beliefs about failure and instill new beliefs about success, live from your imagination and make your life a masterpiece.


Coach Herbert

Why are so many people living in darkness? Why do so many people settle for the crumbs? And why do so many people just resign themselves to the life that they have stumbled into? It is because of a lack of action and awareness, if you want to become aware you need to take action, but if you don’t ever take action then you will never discover what you are truly capable of achieving and becoming. This article has been birthed from a place of pain as I recover form a serious knee operation. It’s been a great opportunity to reflect on life, people and events.

The darkness that people perceive to be in starts to disintegrate with steps in the direction of your fears, have faith in what you want to accomplish and take daily consistent action to attain your goals. The darkness that clouds the mind is a direct result of inaction, fear engulfs the mind and paralyzes many into not taking action on their dreams. Most seem to lose the battle within the mind, the true battle is within, conquer thyself and you can become powerful, the true warrior is not the one who conquers a thousand men, but the one who has learned to conquer themselves.

We can be our own worst enemy at times. It is irrelevant what others have to say about you in regards to attaining your dreams, what you say about yourself is what matters most, believe in yourself, and go confidently in the direction of a greater life. One that is lived on the level that you are capable of living it on, settling for a timid life is a waste of one’s potential, we all have the capabilities to make a difference no matter how small the impact may be. Reach back once you rise out of the darkness and bring others up to the light. Help people, make a difference, improve people’s lives, educate others, give them wisdom, give them kindness, give them hope and faith that they too have greatness within them.

We are all trying to figure out how best to live life, we are all on a journey of self-discovery, but many seem to disregard this fact and just get caught up in the meaningless aspects of life, major time spent engaging in minor things is a major issue among the masses, following the crowd will not get you any further than the crowd, have the courage to take the road less travelled and see how far that shall take you.

Emerge from darkness to a life of abundance, if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand, what you visualize will materialize with the rights steps taken in the direction of your desires. Imprint the images of the life that you want to live into your mind, visualize this every single day and affirm to yourself daily, ‘I am living life on my terms’. Act the part, be the one you see, now. To get to where you want to get to you must become the right individual; development of oneself is the key, personal development is what takes you from where you are to where you want to be, as the changes take place within, you will see your life change on the outside.71475_10203204811025977_687534591_n

If you want to live your life in darkness forever don’t take any action, don’t develop yourself, just continue doing what everyone else is doing on a daily basis. But if you want to step it up, stop acting like the sheep and get serious about the grind, get serious about your life, and get serious about living life on your terms. If you want this life, take action, talk is truly cheap. Focus on what you need to do and do it. Believe in yourself you can achieve greatness.




Coach Herbert

Being Average, the great lie that has the masses confined to a life of mediocrity and conformity. Many people are living like slaves, their minds confined to a prison of their own making and too afraid to step out of the bubble of the comfort zone to chase their dreams.

The normal way of life is total garbage; the masses have just accepted the life of self-betrayal. The lack of awareness is severe, become aware that you can design your life, awaken your mind so that you can live it at a different level. Do not just settle for this mediocre life, take action to truly awaken, action is what helps you awaken, break out of the hypnosis of cowardice, you do have a choice in how you choose to live. It is up to you.

Be spurred on by the fear of being average. Do you want to be like the masses? Do you want to live a lie forever? Do you want to be confined to someone else’s life? Do you want to be a coward? Do you want to be a slave? Do you want to remain asleep to your greatness? Do you not want to take action and see who you can truly become? And do you not want to see how far you can truly go if you go all in and do whatever it takes?

If others have gone from the depths of despair to a life of prosperity so can you. Learn, grow, take action, grind every single day, put in the work, be ambitious, have the desire burning with you for a better life lived on a higher level.

If you do what the majority of people are doing where are you going to be five years from now? Don’t be afraid to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Get rid of the B….S….t  from your life, stop wasting time with people who have no ambition and stop engaging in mediocre daily habits, you have to get serious about success if you want to become successful.

Many people want to live a different life but their actions reflect otherwise, most people are liars, talk is cheap. Let your actions be a true reflection of your ambition. You have the chance to live life differently, if you really want this entrepreneur life, work for it, hard work and dedication is what elevates you above the crowd. The extra mile is never crowded. Be different, be you, be hungry, and be motivated by the fear of being like everyone else.

I have learnt to be resilient keep my eyes on the big prize of becoming and inspiring millions to greatness. It hasn’t been an easy walk but that makes me want to be the more. Champions are never made when there is no challenge they take them challenges despite obstacles and setbacks. I have dealt with so many betrayals, loses and difficult situations but I look back today and marvel am sure if it were not for such betrayals, loses I wouldn’t be the man I am becoming and man today.

The time to act on what you want is now; use what you have to get started on your dreams. Take action, write down your goals, make the plans, and set your deadlines. Then identify your ‘major definite purpose’, the one goal which if you accomplish will impact your entire life drastically. Focus and fail fast so that you can see what to do right. If you don’t take action you will never see how far you can go. Do nothing and you will be average, guaranteed.




Coach Herbert.

You must develop a sense of urgency in the pursuit of greatness, you must step it up to a new level to live life on your terms. The dream can become a reality with hard work and dedication. If others have done it so can you, the only person stopping you from taking your life to a whole new level is the person you are now. The person in the mirror is the competition; you are the one who confines yourself to a life of mediocrity with your mediocre actions.

You have to want this bad, how bad do you really want this? How dedicated are you? How hungry are you to succeed and break away from the 95% who live well below their true potential. Take a look at what you do on a daily basis; do your daily habits reflect your dedication towards your goals? Or do they reflect mediocrity?

Take action or make excuses, the choice is yours. Continue with the average way of thinking and living, and you will achieve your goal of an average life. The majority of people are not serious. No urgency to create the life of their dreams, no urgency to attain financial freedom, and no urgency to improve their life. The majority of people are struggling in life, but not enough; they just have enough money to get by, enough to live an average life, enough to be a sheep, and enough to continue with the same damn excuses.

Are you really serious about change? If you are, make a list of your goals with deadlines for the days, weeks, months, and year ahead. With your goals identified make plans for how you WILL achieve them, and take daily consistent action. Small daily improvements lead to stunning results. Greatness does not come about from what you do once in awhile; it is the result of consistent effort in the direction of your dreams.

If you want this life, your actions must prove that. Eliminate the excuses from your life today. Envision the person that you need to become, and start acting like that person TODAY. Why do people not take themselves seriously? Living in a constant state of procrastination and not doing what matters most. People wait until something terrible happens and then they try to improve their life. People say to themselves, I’m doing ok, I don’t need anymore, what a lie people utter to themselves, every single human being has an innate desire to be the best that they can be, but most people cower away and live a timid life because they let their mind chatter confine their life to mediocrity.

So enough is enough of the old way of living, get up and take the action steps mentioned above and focus on success. Here are a few questions for you to contemplate upon, why do you not take action to live to your highest ideal? Why do you confine yourself to a mediocre life? Why do you settle for the crumbs that you have been served? Why do you not take charge of your life? Why do you leave your future in the hands of others? And why do you not strive for greatness?

If you want to become successful take action, too many people wait for miracles to take place before they act, take action and make miracles occur. You will make the most progress in life by taking action every single day. So what are you going to do with your time? Many people wait to live and then they never get started on living because they let fear confine their mind and their life forever. Is that going to be you? Is that how your life is going to be? And is that what you have settled for? A life of mediocrity rather than living life on your terms.

What is the point of constantly reading motivation articles, reading books, and listening to motivation videos, but then you don’t use that knowledge that you have attained to help you make progress in life. Action is the only thing that matters. This article should motivate you to develop a sense of urgency within you, and it should impact you in a positive way to strive for greater heights in life. Too many people sit around watching other people living their dreams. What are you going to do different this year to take your life to the next level?

See yourself victorious, see yourself accomplishing your dreams, your goals, your daily tasks, and achieving your deadlines that you have set for yourself. Believe in yourself, you have all that it takes within you to succeed. Take action today and move in the direction of your dreams. You are more powerful than you appear to be, let the world be illuminated by the light that shines from within you. Be a dream chaser and make things happen.