Know yourself and your potential

Know yourself and your potential
By Ozias Mucheriwa
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Most people are awfully misinformed or completely uninformed about who they are. As a result, they endure a life of trial-and-error, chasing after money and happiness which invariably prove to be elusive. The good thing about you is that you are not most people. You could have been trailing their path but you’re definitely not most people.
It is said that if you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there. Think of how bad it is when you do not know yourself. No need to mention the tragedy of not knowing yourself coupled with not knowing where you’re heading to.
Several years ago after completing high school, I went for an aircraft engineering interview eagerly hoping to secure a place as an apprentice. Thank God Almighty, I failed to impress the interviewers in that interview. Had I passed and made it through the course, today I could be calling myself an engineer. I know I’m not an engineer. I have never been passionate about engineering stuff. Simply because I had the best grade in core science at high school could have easily made me follow an occupation for which I am unsuited both by disposition and passion.
Many people have followed their parents and loved ones’ passion at the expense of their own callings. When I started going to school I remember meeting my grandfather with his encouraging words saying that I should go to school and become a teacher. What a lofty occupation that was in his sight! Because he had not had access to education, hence failing to fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher he hoped to see his dream fulfilled either in his children or his children’s children.
There are some who could have hoped to become medical doctors but because of the rigorous academic demands of the profession, failed to make it and now impose those dreams upon their children, completely oblivious to the feelings and aspirations of those children. What is imposed upon you is mostly burdensome and more difficult to bear than what you are naturally inclined to pursue. By following other people’s passions not only are you doing a disservice to yourself, but you are depriving us and the whole world of the value that you are supposed to add. We are all unique individuals but our uniqueness can only be realized when we leap over the chasm of fear and follow our passions.
I have heard many of my clients say that they cannot follow their passions because what they really enjoy doing does not pay well. If you are a victim of that mindset, I have a good phrase for you; Anything pays. The only occupation that does not pay is crime. I know I have many objections on this one since there are some contemplating it right now. Every transaction, as a general rule must benefit those linked to it. Also because we are all part of the universe, an individual cannot deprive the whole. (That is a different subject worthy own article). Wealth is to be created not appropriated through the subordination of conscience. Wrong appropriation of wealth conflicts many laws ranging from Moral law to International law among others.
You need to identify your talent, your passion and pursue it. Money follows purpose. Money will follow you. Instead of spending a life time working for money, money will gravitate towards you. Money, like success is attracted by the person you become.
I never thought that someone could make a fortune by merely cracking jokes until I saw Rowan Atkinson popularly known as Mr. Bean.
Who could imagine that an entertainer could own a home like the Neverland Valley Ranch covering over 2,800 acres of land? Many complain of lack of opportunity but it is your gift that makes room for you and not the other way round.
Think of where you could be by now had you followed your passion? The good news is that, it is not too late. If you find yourself following the wrong road, the best thing you can ever do for yourself is to turn back. This is because if you accelerate your speed in wrong direction you will reach there quickly.