Trust in the Lord,
By Kevin Michael Dallas
Read this articel written by Kevin Michael Dallas,its a life story about his life.How amazing and faithful God is.Kevin will be writting articles to the group very often.He is an established muscian who loves to worship and sing to the Lord.You can check Kevin on

God is the center of creation. God lives within all of us. Over the years I have befriended people who do not believe that our God is real. But when they get sick, they almost always find themselves praying to our Lord.

Let me tell you that our God is faithful.

My health took a nosedive near the end of 2005 and for awhile it didn’t look good. I was hospitalized for eight days. They figured out that my thyroid was out of whack and they began to treat it. Because of my thyroid I was in congenital heart failure. My blood pressure skyrocketed and my sleep apnea was worse than ever. Everywhere they plugged a hole in the dam, another hole appeared with more problems for me. I was losing weight rapidly because of my thyroid. I am sad to admit that since that time I have not only gained the weight back but have also gained more and more tonnage and am morbidly obese as I write these words.

But through it all, my God is faithful.

I 2007, we found a new church, thanks to our old friend Aaron Layton. It is an interracial church with the theme “welcome to a church like heaven” meaning when we all get to heaven there won’t be “separate churches” for the white and the black. There will only be the Church of God. Colour and national origin will be meaningless. The Holy Trinity do not represent any of the races here on earth. God IS, WAS and WILL BE! And He is above all!

Since I have belonged to our new church, New Life Baptist Church (I NEVER thought I’d belong to a Baptist church!) has been very good to us. Through this church we have been so blessed. My wife’s two children were both baptized there a couple years back and you just won’t find two young people who love the Lord more than they do. Femi and Shade’ have spoiled us both ROTTEN! We don’t have to worry about what they are doing, because what they strive for is excellence. Excellence in the classroom, excellence on the basketball court; excellence on the golf course, excellence on the rugby field! We don’t have to push them into anything. I am so very proud of them.

At New Life they let me run the sound board on some Sundays, they let me be a part of the praise team and the choir. They let me sing songs that I have written to the Glory of our Lord God.

Istill have my health problems, but I feel that POWER coming from the Lord’s Mercy! God lets me know that He has my back! Always Praise God everyday that He sends because He has allowed us to breathe for another day. And when a loved one passes, if you are sure that they knew the Lord, rejoice because they are going to be in heaven before the rest of us!

Don’t be so touchy about people who do not know the Lord the way that you do. Some Christians are so hateful against homosexuals and others who stray from the “norm.” God says love everyone. Jesus in His Day would’ve been the first one to embrace someone who is different. We are not called to judge others. We are called to LOVE others.

What did Jesus do when He encountered the man who hung out in the graveyard? The man who was half crazed from being possessed by demons. Did He ignore the man’s plight and keep on about His business or did He do what the bible tells us He did? Jesus, who was recognized for who He was, drove the demons out and placed them into some pigs that were nearby. The pigs ran into the water and slew themselves.Our God is faithful!

Believe in Him; pray to Him; Love on Him, because He loves on us. ALL of us!
Kevin Dallas
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