How to become an effctive thinker

Becoming an effective thinker

By Ozias Mucheriwa

Unless you think you shall have to work hard, the less you think the harder you shall have to work and the less remuneration you shall get from your efforts.

The systems of this world are unfair! Why is it that the most hard working people always find themselves at the bottom of the economic ladder? In organizations they are those that occupy the base of positional title totem poles.

If you have at one time asked yourself this question and probably failed to come up with a convincing answer, this piece of writing might provide some of the insights that can possibly lead you to the right answers to this and other questions.

Everything on this planet is subject to laws. Some call them natural laws, laws of the universe, forces of nature and many other names. What you call them really does not matter. A proper understanding and compliance with these laws is what guarantees success. The truly successful people are not those that work the hardest or need success the most. The law of success stipulates that success comes as a result of service. What is service other than giving? The person who gives the most gets the most. The rule is much leads to more which explains why those that have will keep getting more and the other lot, less and less which raises the common assumption that life is unfair.

The highest commodity that you can ever give which will also bring back an unprecedented return is your mind. Thinking is the bright golden thread woven through all of man’s success. As long as you resist the exercise of thinking you will confine yourself to superficial conditions and become a labourer for those that think! It is an incontrovertible truth that unless you think you shall have to work hard, the less you think the harder you shall have to work and the less remuneration you shall get from your efforts.

Many successful people if not all, admit that the secret to their success is their power to consistently think upon a subject until it crystallizes into reality. The ordinary man does not subscribe to this; he or she is not patient enough to think over a subject for considerable amounts of time. In Broaden your horizon, I mentioned that most people exercise the faculty of the mind called memory-running old tapes and recalling events of the past and suppose that they are thinking. Thinking is deep, consistent and progressive dwelling of the mind on a subject matter and produces tangible results.

So where do I start if I am to engage in this noble exercise? Good question. All skills are learnable. Learning new skills does not require an extraordinary fineness in the texture of the brain. The skill of thinking is also learnable and it can be learned by anybody who does not have anything wrong with their brain cells. To be a thinker you need to develop the ability to pay attention. Concentration is held to be the mark of genius. The development of concentration depends on practise. Practise, practise, practise. The incentive of concentration is interest.

You need to start practising the art of concentration. Learn to concentrate your mind on the subject that you want to develop in. That activity which interests you, the work that brings a smile to your face is what you should concentrate your thinking on. Deep consistent, productive thinking is difficult but as we agreed, with practise you will become a master at it. Initially, it is like trying to ride a bicycle for the first time; wobbling and fearful, but with time and through consistent practise all fear goes and you start to ride comfortably. That is exactly the way it is when you start to learn to direct your mind to engage in serious thinking.

To Your Zenith

Ozias Mucheriwa