The power of Atrractiveness in a woman

The Power of attractiveness in a woman.:

And what it does to men.

By Herbert Mtowo.

Oh! she looks stunning, she is a bullet, she is gorgeous, she is a brunette the list is long. That’s when you hear men describe their wives, women, girlfriends. There is something about beauty and attractiveness in women. I wish all women would hear this and know that, attractiveness is what you do with what you have, and that an attractive woman is made and not born. That to me is important, just to realize that one can be very attractive, and still not be considered beautiful. Attractiveness has nothing to do with being beautiful. It is also very important that we understand that one can be attractive but not really beautiful, and one can be beautiful not attractive. Beauty is something you are born with, but attractiveness is something you make of yourself.

Beauty is who you are, but attractiveness involves your choice of clothes, their colors, shoes, what you eat, how you take care of your skin, exercising your body, your hair, etc the list is long. So every woman should work on being attractive.

All men are drawn to attractive women. A man wants an attractive woman as a pure and simple matter of pride, more than anything else. It sounds like a base, or at best, banal motive, but believe you me it is all too real in most men. Childish as it may sound, people often do judge the ability and success of a man in terms of his wife’s appearance. When a man has an attractive woman, it says he has an appeal and talent and that deserves someone of her caliber. When a man’s woman makes herself become unattractive, the message comes across loud and clear that he couldn’t get someone better ,probably he deserves her.

This may sound very immature and superficial, but believe you me as a man and in the travels and conversations that I do with men from various backgrounds, color, race, ethnicity and nationalities, I have discovered and concluded that most men do not appreciate a woman for her inner qualities alone. But that a man’s need for a physical attractiveness in a woman is profound and top priority. It is important for women to know that the quality of their skin doesn’t mainly have to do with skin treatment and what they use on their bodies, but it also depends on eating healthy

Look good and have all his eyes on you.

I am sure we have all heard the song,” I can only have eyes on you !” If you check most men as they walk in the streets, do business how they turn their heads when a woman passes by. Just to let you know, they are not necessarily looking at the beauty but the attractiveness which comes as a result of choice of clothes which fit the body-figure, the finishing that brings the attractiveness .Visual stimulation more than often arouses a man sexually. If his woman looks good, he will look at her often and like what he sees. If he his woman looks bad, or even rather mediocre or scruffy, he wont look at her very much, and even when he does he will be turned off and in some cases repulsed.

This is a sad state to arrive at, when a man looks at his wife and is disappointed by what he sees, it puts him in a terrible bind. He starts to think that all the physical attraction he once felt for her is probably gone forever. The second thing is he tends to notice other women, especially nice looking women, and that makes him feel guilty. Such a man may never wander into an affair, but he remains very vulnerable. Any woman can guard against these dangers by making reasonable effort to stay attractive. Men are easily led astray by what they see in other women if the woman in his life neglects herself. A simple test to all women of your attractiveness, is how much does your man likes looking at your. A second test is what he does after he looks at you. The visual stimulations a man receives by looking at his attractive woman, will often arouse him sexually. Even the most sensitive man will fondle his woman in inappropriate moments if he finds her physically attractive. It s foolish women to look like someone else. Look your best and that is what is attractive.

It feels great to be attractive

It is fascinating how God built women, or designed them. Some of the most attractive women that I have ever met, have physical features that, if taken by themselves violate our culture’s norms for beauty. But by them making the most of what they have, they have become stunning in appearance. A woman’s attractiveness is a vital ingredient to the success of her relationship/marriage and any woman who ignores this notion, for whatever reasons, surely risks disaster’s woman’s acceptance for the responsibility to maintain an attractive appearance for one’s husband/man will only heighten a woman’s morale. Its important that all women get this truth, that there will always be one you, and how you take care of your appearance matters a lot, to the man in your life and friends and colleagues around you to see the uniqueness’ of who you are. To all marred women you need to ask yourself this: Am I looking my best when I am with my husband? How do I dress when I am the house ?Some women need to be reminded that when they are in the house they are not attending a board meeting at work. Try to by all means to hang loose and relax in your dress code at home, even to keep some body parts exposed. This is good for you and the man in your life.

There is the old adage that says, “ Clothes make the man “ but in our society and generation clothes showcase the woman. The showcase can enhance and flatter and do something far less than that. So as with cosmetics and hairstyles the same principles applies: Dress cause they make you feel good, and make you attractive to your man. It s common knowledge to both women and men that, when a woman’s clothing becomes unappealing, it doesn’t stay popular very long. Any sensible woman should pay as much attention to her choice of nightgowns, pajamas as she does to what she wears in public. When you dress for bed, you strictly dress for your man. So wearing old bed ragged night clothes, curls and goop on your face will not help to ignite the fire of love n your relationship. Wearing worn out nightgown to bed because nobody will see me or see it ,misses an very important point. There is one very special and important person who does see it, so here is good advice ladies,” Why not wear something attractive and sexy ?That man in your life will certainly appreciate it lots. So ladies as you celebrate fathers day with the men in your lives, don’t just look attractive today, but make it a life style to look great, attractive even when there is no occasion. Remember ladies, a good reminder from Jordan Touch Communications, “An attractive woman is not born, but made, so make your self stunning and very attractive!” This should be a lifestyle every now and then. Enjoy your week and have a fabulous fathers day with the men in your lives. The rest as women you know, all I want you to understand is the power of attractiveness.

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