Women and Shoes

Too Sexy For Your Shoes

( Women and Shoes .)

Song of Solomon 7:1 How beautiful are your feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter! the joints of your thighs [are] like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman.(GMR)

What is it about the body of your spouse that really appeals to you?

For many men, it is the sight of the legs of their loved one. There is no doubt about it that a woman’s legs are one of her greatest beauty assets, apart from her breasts.

But how can you get your legs to look good so that they will appeal to the man in your life? The answer is simple.


Why is it that a man can live with a couple of pairs of shoes, whereas a woman usually needs a cupboard full of them? It is because the shoes that a woman wears can enhance the beauty of her legs more than most other things.

The way a woman walks is a wonderful sight in the eyes of a man. Songs have even been written about it in the past. Men watch women walk and they are affected by the sight.

So what can you do to make yourself more alluring to your husband?

You can learn to walk like a woman. And the best way to get this right is to wear shoes that will enhance the way you walk. And the best ones are those with higher heels.

If you are not sure what this involves, then just try watching women walk some time. Next time you are in a public place, take time to watch the women walk. And ask yourself, who is looking the most feminine and sexy?

If you are not able to detect this yourself, then ask your husband to give you his honest opinion. You relationship should be good enough for you to do this without feeling threatened. Ask him what appeals to him in the way a woman walks.

Then watch the men walk and compare it with the way a feminine woman walks. You will see a big difference between the two.

When a woman walks, she keeps her feet together and walks in a straight line, while wiggling her hips from side to side. This sight is enough to make any man want to take another look at her. But a man tends to walk with his feet apart, each facing outwards in a jagged line. Definitely not something which carries sex appeal.

Consider what shoes do to a woman to enhance her beauty. And consider how different shoes can make her look more royal and feminine.

As Solomon looked at the feet and legs of his lover, he saw something that really appealed to him. He saw lovely legs that as she walked caused her hips to wiggle from side to side in a wonderful way. And he remarked about the joints of her thighs.

Are you making the effort to walk in a sexy way for the man in your life ladies? Ask your husband to be honest with you. Try giving him a special parade, wearing different shoes, and walking up and down in front of him to see what he really likes the most.

If your walk is not that feminine, then try putting a book on your head as you walk to force you to walk like a lady. You will be amazed what an effect this will have on your man.

Do you not be surprised if this little exercise leads to a wonderful time in bed. Your husband is likely to become so stirred up by the sight of you walking in an appealing way that he will want to make love to you right away.

This is what you want isn’t it? To make the man in your life think you are the loveliest woman in the world?

And besides, you might find him suggesting you get some new shoes to wear. So in the end it is definitely to your benefit.

Give it a try and see what happens.