Finding The True Source of Power

Finding The True Source of Power
People in this world can be classified into two groups: givers and takers. Givers are those who, after every transaction want to see the other part having received value for their money, time, effort or whatever it is that they would have traded. Takers on the other hand are only interested in their well-being and their personal interests. Whether the other party had benefitted from the deal or not they say, "I’m sorry but that’s no skin off my nose". What only matters is their interest.

I cannot say which group is better than the other but the results certainly differ. The average person thinks that in order to succeed or win you have to be a taker all the time but the opposite is true. People who excel are those who give. It was a cardinal policy of Toyota manufacturers that whenever they manufactured a vehicle, that vehicle had to have an extra $2,500.00 worth of value over and above its market price. This means that if you would buy a Toyota for $10,000.00, its true value would certainly be $12,500.00. Now that is giving, and the results go a long way.

In today’s world you can make free calls around the world using skype and other modern technologies. There are various mediums through which one can chat, text messages, talk and hold video conferences, all for free. You cannot be persuaded to think that the great thinkers who invented these technologies stand to lose because their products are being used for free. Great givers are great successes.

You have to understand that many people concentrate on images rather than the real things. For example we have many people that run helter-skelter looking for symbols of power and not power itself. Money, fame, riches and big names are all symbols of power but they are not anywhere near where real power is. The real power is in giving and the best gift that one can give is thought. The person that thinks the most is the powerful one and is worth of our admiration and honour.

The world has its own way of rewarding givers. Examples are too many to mention; Google started as a project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford University PhD program students. Their main purpose was to come up with a search engine that would give users relevant links in response to searches. When one makes a request they should be directed to the closest link to their search. The intention was to give to the users. Whenever anyone gives value to the world the return is beyond computation. In less than a decade, Google had managed a double-jump leapfrog past long time global giants, evolving from a two-man band to a multibillion dollar corporation. Thinks of other givers of products like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, WordPress, the list is endless. But the real deal is that these thinkers gave a lot to the world hence they are rewarded with fat purses. Their money is not their source of power, but their minds and the willingness to give the products of their thinking.

Everyone has this power and the secret is in exercising it.

To your zenith, Ozias Mucheriwa