Be,do have. – A repeat serries.

By Ozias Mucheriwa

This is the order of life and of every other form of achievement. Be, do and have. In life you get what you are. This might be a bit hard for me to explain but I will try. You cannot have what you are not. In life we always get what we are. This truth manifests itself in relationships, business and life in general. Your surroundings and circumstances are usually a reflection of what you are. A realisation of this profound truth can result in a significant leap into the world of success and happiness.

It is not what we get that is important but what we become. Becoming is the most important science that any person aspiring to develop a self-propelled upward spiral should strive for. Many people when offered opportunities to handle huge and challenging projects, are quick to ask, “What’s in it for me?” That is the last question a focussed person should ask. The right question to ask is, (and I’m giving you this for free), “What am I becoming?” It is what you become that determines your success in life, not what you get. Once you become, getting becomes inevitable.

Let us start with relationships. Finding the right person in a relationship is not dependent on some mysterious compatibility quotient. It is found in being the right person. Being the right person is a matter of working on yourself to become that kind of person your partner cannot only live with but cannot live without. You obviously have some bad elements that can drive your partner off the wall and only you has the power chisel them out. Sometimes you could wish to change your partner when it is actually your bad habits that cause him or her to behave in the manner they do. Instead of fighting to change someone, changing yourself can play the trick that you’ve been yearning for, for years. After becoming the right person no force that can impede your reception of good and harmonious relationships.

In business you can become a prosperous business person but that starts again with becoming a success. As a man thinketh so is he. How you view the world of money and business. You need to peel folklore from history and from fact. Avoid opinions such as:

•Success in business calls for a degree dishonesty
•For you to gain, others have to lose
•You have to be a skinflint to succeed in the world of business
You become a success first before it manifests in the physical. This is because premature wealth always leads to misery and regret. You should not get rich above your level of self-development as this is bound to make the riches think for you making you a slave of riches. Before you run helter-skelter looking for wealth work on developing yourself to become a better person.

Once you become, it becomes easy to act in a manner consistent with the person you have become. The fact is, once you become the deeds come on naturally and those deeds attract wealth. Acts of success follow a person of success. Do the acts that correspond with your being i.e. who you are or rather who you have become.

After passing these stages you can then have whatever you want. When you acquire things after you have become and done, you are sure to retain them. Following the order of things will take you far. I guess that is why Dr Stephen Covey had to dedicate a whole chapter in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people to doing First Things First. The majority fight to have things that the rich have when they are poor in mind. The only area where poverty is recommend is in spirit but if you become poor in mind the results become interesting. Off the point. Never mind.

Be, do and have.