Knowing if he is in love with you.

If you want to know if he loves you?

So, you have known this guy for quite some time now. You love being with him and never feel lonely when he is around. Your face breaks into a smile at the very mention of his name. The first person you think of when you get up in the morning is him. But does he feel the same way about you too? Guys are finicky when it comes to admitting that they like a girl. And more often than not, they end up losing the girl just because it is too late to tell her that he is in love. Just to make it easy for both you and him, we bring you sure shot signs that he loves you. Read on about ways to find if a guy likes you and how to know if he loves you.

Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You

  • He takes interest in your day-to-day life. He asks how your day was and feels concerned if anything is wrong.
  • His behavior suddenly changes when you come around. He suddenly mellows down and becomes a bit quieter while chatting with his friends. Dead give away!
  • He remembers almost every small thing that you say. It shows how special you are.
  • He calls up just to listen to your voice and gives a silly reason when you ask as to why he called.
  • He insists on meeting up every now and then and admits how much he loves being around you.
  • He is good with everyone, but with you he goes that extra mile to ensure comfort.
  • His body language changes when you are there. He displays affection through subtle hints like stroking your cheek slightly, taking your hand in his palms and being less stiff.
  • He tries to be overtly friendly with you and takes that extra step to know more about you, your family and your friends.
  • When he praises only about you to his friends and family, it means he has got special feelings for you.
  • Friends are a total give away. If his friends treat you in a special way or say something about the two of you being couples, you know he is in love.
  • He looks in your eyes and you feel there is something special about it. He has this shine when he is looking at you.
  • He keeps looking at you when you are around and shy’s away when you look at him directly.

These are some sure signs that tell a guy really likes you. But do not confront him as soon as you find these signs in him. Give him some time to realize that he loves you. On the other hand, you can show him in your own ways that you like him too. You will know the right time to confide, you just do!