Survival of Long distance Relationships Part 5

Survival of Long distance relationships… Part 5.

Long distance relation is no less than an ordeal and people who have been through one and conquered it are definitely worth a mention in the hall of fame! You may feel like running right into the arms of your beloved some days and on some days, it feels like you are waiting for nothing. We provide answer to one of the most difficult questions that has been bothering many lovers off late. Is long distance relation worth it? Can a long distance relation work? Thank you all for the support and feedbacks we are most grateful.

Can Long Distance Relations Last Long

  • If you think the person you are in a relation with is worth the wait, then he must be! Check out if both of you are really compatible and love each other to the extent that you can wait for a long time before being together.
  • It is not easy going through lonely days and waiting for endless nights. However, you need to remember that you are not alone. Your partner is also sailing in the same boat. And not just the two of you, there are thousands of couples out there who have a similar situation, probably worse than yours.
  • Another important thing to be kept in mind in a long distance relation is the fact that communication should not suffer and distance should not become an excuse. There are a lot of ways to keep in touch in a long distance relation. This is the age when communication takes place at the speed of thought.
  • Internet has revolutionized the way we used to communicate and snail mails have been replaced by the super fast e-mails. Chatting is a popular way to communicate and most people resort to this, as it is cheaper than talking endlessly on the phone. It is definitely the next best thing to talking in person.
  • The only reason you should break a relation is only when you are convinced that it is not going to work. Not only because of the distance, but several other factors like compatibility, understanding, and most importantly trust may be denting your relationship.
  • Any relation, whether long distance or not, should have a strong foundation of trust. You cannot carry on a relation based on doubts and deception, and the constant fear of breaking each other’s trust.

So, don’t worry if your beloved is miles away from you. If you are firm on taking your relationship to its logical conclusion, there is practically nothing that can block your way. Always believe in yourself and learn to trust the person you love. If you are in a long distance relation and you feel you can make it work, it is definitely worth a try. All the best!