Breraking off without hurting.

Breaking off without hurting.

Rejection always hurts. No matter how much you sugar coat the truth, it always upsets the two souls who used to be in love. It is definitely better to end relationships amicably instead of fretting and fuming and making it even more difficult to go apart. No doubt it will be extremely painful and difficult to let go. But, if you are where you think your relation is not going the right way and you are thinking how to break off without hurting, you have come to the right place. Read on tips for breaking off without hurting yourself and the other person. This is a serious challenge in our days, people are breaking now and then and the impact is felt by so many around them, and we have created a society of victims with the way we break up.

Breaking Up Without Hurting

  • Make it Personal – NEVER break the news through a phone call, e-mail, or text message. It becomes even more rude and very impersonal and tells the other person that you don’t really care. Sit and talk to each other face-to-face and sort things out amicably.
  • Choose the Right Location – Deciding on the correct location is very important to ward off any uncomfortable feelings and any inconveniences. If possible decide on a neutral location like a café or if this is not possible, do it at the other person’s house. This is because if you do it at your place, it will be like asking him to leave your place after the formalities are over. Breaking off at his place will be easier as it will be you who is physically leaving.
  • Be Honest – Being sincere and open about your feelings and talking about why you feel it is not going to work out is the best way to end a relation. Instead of going back in time and arguing what went wrong with the other person, it better you say what you feel. Don’t hide your feelings and be honest about why you are feeling uncomfortable in the relationship.
  • Specify Reasons – Give a strong reason to support your break up. It is not wise to keep the other person wondering as to what went wrong. No one wants to think that they were just used as a time pass. Remember, what goes around, comes back. Someday you could be in the same position.
  • Control your Temper – This applies not only to the person who is giving the news of break up, but also the person at the receiving end. There is no need to get worked up and get angry at each other. Calling names and screaming does not help, it only makes things worse. It is okay to get upset and cry if you are feeling miserable. But creating a scene and making a further mess of a delicate situation does not help.