Is it Really true you wanna go ahead and marry your partner?

Is it true you wanna get married now and to your partner?

"Will you marry me?" These four words can make it or break it. Not only is the question a big deal, but also the way you ask it is a BIG DEAL. Taking the decision of marriage requires extensive thinking with a cool head. The decision of marriage is best left untreated if you and your lover are not in the right frame of mind. There has to be some understanding and some chemistry between the two of you to make it work. Don’t make yours and somebody’s life a pain by taking this decision with whom you are not compatible. Marriage is the most delicate relationship that we have because all other relationships are nurtured through it, so we should be wise and very knowledgeable of what we want to get into before we do. Hope these tips are very helpful, as you grow in love, but take your time and make sure you will not ask and regret why did I get married or “ Why did I get married too?” So you better ask yourself now, “Why do I want to get married?” If these questions can be answered now before you do, a lot of heartaches and regrets will not be regretted and experienced in life. All the best, have a fabulous one.

Proposing Marriage

  • Agreeing to the constitution of marriage is taking your love to the next level. If both of you are very much in love with each other and are looking forward to spending your life together, marriage is surely on the cards.
  • Have you discussed with each other about your personal goals and aspirations? If yes, then the next important question is are you willing to do what it takes to make this relation work? If the answer to the second question is even yes, you can start thinking of tying the knot.
  • Marriage brings with it additional responsibilities. Are both of you in the right frame of mind to take up the challenges post marriage? This is a very important question and need a lot of thinking to be done.
  • Before thinking of getting married, both the partners should feel the need to have a family of their own. In case such feelings runs down the spine of both of you, and the two of you are looking forward to spending family time with your beloved, this is it.
  • It is very important to be financially stable and sound before thinking of delving into marriage. Taking the present time into consideration, both the partners should be independent and earn a decent amount to sustain a family of your own.
  • Apart from being monetarily secure, you need to be emotionally strong. Marriage is not limited to the two of you. It is a union between two families. Both of you should be game to take up the responsibilities and challenges. You should also be emotionally strong to resolve matters and take charge of the new found status.
  • Know for sure that marriage is very different from dating. Things which seemed cute and adorable during the dating phase can turn out to be extremely daunting. Both of you should take into account that certain things would definitely change after marriage. If the two of you have already calculated the difference pre-marriage, it would be easier post-marriage.
  • Lastly, the word "Marriage" should no longer gives you goose bumps! In case you have agreed to all the questions listed above, you would definitely not have any!!