Achieving gretaness through serving

Achieving greatness through serving.

|By Ozias Mucheriwa

It is somewhat interesting though heart-rending to see how people yearn for greatness with no regard for the principles that lead to greatness. More often than not, they contradict the principles of greatness by following the course of shallowness e.g. self-aggrandizement. Let us take a walk together and explore the art of greatness and one of the principles that govern it.

Greatness is a by-product of the process of serving. In business we strive to have as many customers as we can serve, although others go to the extent of luring more than they can serve, of course to their own detriment. When your customers are in need of your services you work tirelessly until you have satisfied yourself that they have received the service which they deserve. You also do this to maintain customer loyalty. A doctor on call can be called during the early hours of the morning when the majority is snoring and goes to save life. The greater the number of lives they save the greater they become. The more people you serve the greater you become and consequently theBy fatter your wallet gets in the process.

This principle has been reiterated since time immemorial. Christ the master teacher taught it, “And whoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” Calvin Coolidge further unravelled it. “No person was ever honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave.” On 20 January 1961, John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address breezed through this principle’s neighbourhood, “…ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” If you babble about how great you are in your neighbourhood no one will believe you but if you serve many, no one can doubt your greatness.

How does this principle work? You may ask. As all other people are going about their usual businesses, great musicians spend hours singing and dancing in front of no audience perfecting their talents so that when the time comes to serve they will be able to perform at their best. Apart from perfecting their voices, they go through rigorous practice and physical exercise to remain physically fit. The later is true for athletes and other various areas of endeavour. While others are enjoying, they are agreeing to be servants of their fans but when it’s time for competitions or winning of awards they become the great ones.

Now, in business we all know that the more clients you have, the more money you will make. In other words, the more individuals, organizations and institutions that you serve the greater you become. This also means that the more customers you have, the more masters there are for you to serve, and as certain as night follows day, the higher your income level becomes. A common axiom in business is, “customer is king.” Agree to be a servant to as many as you can and you will discover your seeds of greatness hidden therein.

Step by step life is a clinch

Step By Step Life Is a Cinch

By Ozias Mucheriwa

When you want to set on a journey you do not wait until all the traffic lights turn green before you to start off. As one door opens you enter and wait for the next to open until you go through all the doors. Nature will never align all the pins before you at one time. They say that a journey of a thousand miles began with one step.

The majority of people on the planet today is content with the lives that they are leading. For some, the leanness of their purse is a source of constant worry and anxiety. Their deteriorating health conditions, collapsing relationships and an apparently bleak future are all factors making life unpleasant and unbearable for them. You could be identifying with some of these circumstances and seeing no solution in sight. It is sad to note that the average individuals are literally doing nothing to improve their conditions. Instead they resort to mourning and complaining. Complaining, it has been said since time immemorial, will not help alleviate the problem, rather, it saps all the energy to act out of your being.

Whatever situation that we find ourselves in, there are small steps that we can follow to extricate ourselves. These steps vary from one situation to another, but the truth is, through a consistent application of fundamentals people can slowly see themselves moving away from their unpleasant circumstances to the sunlit paths of joy and happiness. Overweight people who want to shed off some weight usually get discouraged by seeing the scale tilting in a significant way to the wrong direction and then think that it will take a lifetime before they normalize. They will probably try to do a one year process in a week’s time and get discouraged. It is only some small consistent steps that are needed to implement the changes necessary.

If it is the condition of a lean purse then one has to look at his or her spending habits and start to take small steps to rectify them. The most important part being the implementation of a different way of doing things and in this case a different approach to handling finance. There are many ways through which one can increase their earning ability and also cut some spending habits without necessarily waiting for a financial dilemma before a free spender is morphed into a skinflint. It all starts with small steps towards making a change in areas where change is imperative.

The main idea here is doing something that takes you to a place and not to sit grumpily with crossed fingers hoping for the situation to improve or the government to change policy or that guy to die before you can progress in life. Nothing outside of ourselves will ever guarantee an improvement in our situations. You cannot afford to wait upon political redeemers to improve your circumstance. It is only you that has your best interests at heart and only you can start taking small steps towards a change in your life. Politicians are also fighting to achieve their own ends and boost their poll numbers. Your destiny is in your own hands hence it is only you who can do yourself a favor by taking small steps.

Small steps towards your goal is what will take you there. All the traffic lights will never be green for you to start on your journey. Start now to take small steps towards altering your destiny.