Powerful Tips on Wealth Building

1) Get a vision! It is critically important that you have a vision of what you want to accomplish. Start by constantly looking over the next hill. Ted Turner had a vision for 24-hour television and saw it before others could see it. Bob said he saw a television station that focused on the African American viewer before others could see the viability of such an idea.What is your vision? Pursuit with gusto and tenacity.

2) Work on your communication skills. You must be able to articulate the vision for investors, supports and employees. If you want buy in, then you must be able to articulate the vision. And you must be able to sell your ideas to others!

3) Work Hard…Then Work Smart! You must be willing to work harder than everyone else on your vision. You must be willing be to invest time and energy to make sure that those who have invested money and faith in your vision, are paid back for their commitment to you. Think about your plan and work your plan with excellence!

4) Do what you say you will do! Be disciplined and build a reputation of being a person who does what they say they will do! Your word must be your bond!

5) Don’t be intimidated by the obstacles. There will always be challenges and obstacles but stay focused on your vision and never stop fighting for i