Taught and Scholed by Pain. Bits and pieces from my upcoming book.

Who Hurts?
One way or the other we are all hurting.Everybody is in the same boat,hurts all over folks.Even the laughing ones,the happy-go-lucky crowd is also hurting too.people generaly try to conceal their hurts by drinking and joking,but believe you me it doesnt go away.

Look around you,on the plane,at work,in the homes,rich and poor you name them, they all hurt.Millions and Millions of people are deeply wounded by their children who have rejected their counsel and advise.The loving parents grieve over the deception and deliquency of th children who were once tender and good.Victims of broken homes are hurting,the abandoned wives and husbands whose parntners have rejected for another woman/man are hurting.Those who were once lovers break up.A boyfriend or girlfriend walks away.trampling on what was once a beautiful relationship.All that is left is a broken,wounded heart.You tlak of those who have just lost their jobs in not so good
circumstances,the unemployed,the despondents ones whose dreams have collapsed? The shut-ins?The prisoners,the homosexuals,the alcoholics? Yes,it is true! One way or the other we are all huting,every person on this earth carries his own burden of pain.Just like me,there are some of you who are at this very moment are on the verge of giving up.You cant understand what realy is happening to you,your marriage and your home.Something is wrong you admit and you try as much as you can,you simply cant find the key to make things work out right. How many hoursd have you spent all alone,trying to figure out where things went wrong ? The magic and swagger is gone.The romance and love is gone,the empire has crumbled,the family is gone and you are just left all alone by yourself,all that you had worked for all these years is blown away like wind blowing the dry leaves.In place of these now there is questions,suspicions,cuttin remarks,arguments,innuendoes and hoplessness. What was is now the has been ! Every human being on this planet reaches that crises point at one poin or another in life.And at that time,I have learnt when the walls seem to be caving in and the roof appears to be collapsing,when everything seems to be coming apart and pain demands the upper hand,a voice deep cries out, “Just walk away from it all.Pack in ! Escape ! Why put up with it ? Run away faster than Usain Bolt,you dont have to take this anymore.Do something drastic dude.

And Job,caught up in this terrible dilemma too:Job kept saying to himself, “ I know God is there some place,looking down on me in all my troubles.He knows the way I should take,but in spite of all I do to find Him,He keeps hiding from me.In total desperation Job
sobs,”……… I am afraid of him…..The Almighty troubles me” Job 23:15,16. I know what it is to have the whole world upside down,you cant figure whether you are going or coming or just nowhere.The bottom line for Job was this: Either you cut me down or make things right;just dont be silent toward me God,At least if you just cut me off I know you are there. That same school master,which God allows us to go through despite our reluctance to go through it,”Taught and Schooled by Pain,the School of Silence,then Job realised more than ever its hurts to be hurt,it hurts and cuts real deep.During such trying times it isn`t easy to fiugre out where to go and who to talk to,but this I have learnt: “Without the nearness of God there can be no peace.

When you dont know what to do?
The few years that I have lived on planet earth,what I have found difficult to deal with is when you come to the end of the road and you dont know which other route to take.In my book I talk about
relationship failures,loss,forgiveness,having to be told you are useless and good for nothing fella,feeling like you are not worthy and dont measure up to someone,talk of rejection in relationships,betrayal and job losses which I have gone through and experienced.But nothing is more confusing as being in a crisies and you have no idea of what to do and where to go,you dont know whom to turn to or who to trust.

Truth be told,in life hardly anybody knows what to do anymore.Where the future is anybody`s guess.Psychologists and Psychiatrists are all baffled by changing forces affecting people today. They watch the break up of homes and marriages and become as confused as the rest of all mankind,as to what is happening.sad their reasons,findings and cause of break ups contradict each other.I can confdently tell you that positive thinking at this time doesnt work or help you in any way,sad to say much of preaching today is all about
self,image,positive thinking,positive confession and motivational preaching,and there is no more preahing the real word of God.Most fo the preachers dont even do the motivational presnations well,things that should be left to men and women in the field and people like,Ozias Mucheriwa of Motivcenter,Antony Robins, Willie
Jolley,Herbert Mtowo,


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  1. Sir Herbet

    You never told me you an author until a friend in Namibia hinted to the fact. Thank you for putting your thoughts where we can access them. May your book succeed sir. I know you owe me a call so that we exchange notes but I will be patient.
    Great stuff on your blog. May you continue to shine
    I was chatting with Ozias Mucheriwa earlier not knowing you also know him. Thanks to technology we are now in one village.
    Cheers brother

    Rabison Shumba


    • Thanx top you,sure a call I am sure going to give you and meet you too.Thanx for the wishes and feedback and encouragement hey.Am really excited tom bond and connect with you am sure to tap from yourwelathy of wisdom too.Bless you bro.


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