Sex though abused and misunderstood plays an important role in Relationships.

Sex is the backbone of the men and women in relationship. Sex helps the men and women to come closer to each other and understand each other. The likes and dislikes of the men and women become clearer to each other. Sex firmly stands as the bridge between the men and women relationship. Sex binds both the partners in the new bond of eternal love and makes them a perfect couple. The men and women who engage in sex frequently are found to be happier and understand each other. Sex helps in developing a comfort level in both the partners and makes them fond of each other. As a result sex improves men and women relationship.

Sex reduces the depression among men and women. Sex improves the self estem and confidence among men and women,and maintains their mental health. The men and women who have satisfactory sex life are found to be more passionate about their work, and are more successful than other individuals.

Sex, the undifferentiated part of life, is necessary for the growth of the human race. Sex is the forbidden fruit in the life of an individual that makes him live a happy life. Sex is the utmost important element in the life of an individual. No life is complete without the sexual satisfaction. The success of marriage is considerably dependent on the sex. Sex keeps you healthy throughout your life by more boosted immunity and enjoyment of life. Sex is a gift given by the god to the mankind so why not to use it to get the blessing of long life. Sexual satisfaction improves the quality of life and increase the longevity of your life. Thus, it is very necessary for everybody to know the important facts about the sex. Here are some of the important facts about the sex

  1. Sex is not a sin, whereas it is prayer to the god.
  2. Sex is not only a means of reproduction but is also a means to satisfy each other
  3. Sex makes and keeps you healthy
  4. Sex strengthens relationships
  5. Sex improves quality of life