Gentleness is the Key

Gentleness precedes greatness. To lead others you have to be able to identify with where they are currently in their lives. Beyond mentally assenting to your employees current reality, leaders must truly feel for them personally and desire to lead them to their desirable destiny.
Such leadership is selfless and uncommon to the world model of self-advancement at any cost. What is lost in leadership by this self-centered model is employee trust and moral. Distrust permeates through many corporations turning them into adversarial settings as each tries to climb the ladder of success on top of each other’s back.

The problem with climbing the ladder of success this way is that once you ascend to the heights of the corporate structure, you will not be fulfilled. Climbing the ladder of success in a frenzied fashion only to later find out that your ladder was leaning upon the wrong building can be quite disheartening to say the least.
The future is not in the job, nor the fear factory for which you work. The future is in you. You therefore must value the people around you and esteem them your most valuable resource. Paychecks can be replaced elsewhere. People however are invaluable and irreplaceable.