Royal Wedding–Prince William and Kate getting married….

Thats the news the world over,Prince William and Kate have just enganged to get married next year.Prince William enganged Kate with the same ring His dad enganged his mom,Princess Diana with,back then whne Prince Charles got enganged to Princess Diana the righ was worthy 20 000pounds back then,am sure its worthy much much more now.Thats humbling and sweet to Kate hey.Am so sure,Prince William held his mother in very high esteem..They have all the good reasons to get married cause they are in love.Make sure you do the right thing folks with the right partener too.These two have taken this decision fully aware fo the demands of marriage.
It is never a good idea to get married for the wrong reasons. Reasons not to get married include getting married due to love at first sight, sexual attraction, to cure loneliness, as an act of rebellion, rebound love, out of obligation, pressure, pregnancy, and for financial gain. Marriages based on these reasons most likely result in divorce. While for some people, one or all of these reasons may seem like the best thing, but they are not. Some of these reasons are selfish and do not take in the considerations of the other partner’s feelings.
Love at first sight. Ah, what a feeling! You smile constantly, have butterflies in your tummy, and may feel impulsive. Impulsive enough to get married. Getting married based on love alone is the number one reason not to get married. Love at first sight can be a temporary feeling. The things you do like running off to get married while under its spell can have lasting negative effects. No foundation has been built to support the marriage. Therefore, the marriage has no backbone and will most likely end in divorce. Also, marrying from lust at first sight is a bad idea as well. Marriages based on sexual attraction do not survive.
No one wants to be lonely. Marrying someone simply to avoid being alone the rest of your life is wrong, not only for you but for your mate as well. People fear being alone and will jump into a marriage quickly to avoid it. Chances are you will still be lonely only now you will be lonely in a marriage. These types of marriages have no foundation of companionship and usually result in unhappiness leading to divorce.

All the best to you Prince William and Kate,enjoy your marriage for as long as you llive.