The best way to live your dream

The best way to live your dream |

By Ozias Mucheriwa

The power to create depends upon spiritual power. There are three steps; conceptualization, visualization and materialization. Every captain of industry depends upon this power. Many founders of multi-millionaire and billionaire enterprises and corporations admit that the secret of their success is this power to see a thing in its completeness before it materializes. They have a way of dreaming that is unique and differs from the way the rest of the people dream.

All people dream but there is always a difference in results. This is because we have two kinds of dreamers, not three not four, only two; the lot that dream during day time and the other that wait until they switch off the light and snuggle under the duvet before they start dreaming. The downside of this latter kind of dreaming is that you have no control over what you are going to dream. In some cases you can even dream wild beasts chasing you wielding all kinds of machetes and axes, but when you dream whilst awake you have an option to decide what to dream. You can dream the impossible and work to see it transforming into infinite and illimitable possibilities of achievement.

It is not day dreaming that I am referring to, but dreaming during the day. Dreaming is a spiritual activity followed by transformation into the physical and tangible. Opportunity follows perception, action follows inspiration, growth follows knowledge. It all starts with the spiritual before the physical.

Most people do not amount to anything because they have not mastered the art of dreaming during the day. Do not dream common dreams, leave that for the night. When you start dreaming during the day you feed your subconscious with your desires and since the subconscious has no option but to obey the instruction and yield to what has been given to it, it will work in all kinds of ways to see your dreams fulfilled.

If you confine yourself only to night dreams there is a huge possibility that when you wake up you will talk yourself out of your dream. Your conscious mind invent all reasonable excuses why your dreams are superfluous and incapable of fulfillment. On the other hand, if you dream during the day, you are feeding your subconscious with the possibilities and when it comes back to your conscious, it will be backed by a desire which no limiting self-destructive behaviour can stand. Do not talk yourself out of your dreams.

People who do not dream during the day go through life crawling upon their hands and knees. They aim for nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy. When you stop dreaming and pursuing your dreams you are literally committing spiritual suicide. Feelings of unworthiness will creep in and you will see no reason for existence. Many teachers teach that a tragedy of the worst kind is a life without a purpose. Living without a dream is the most unhappy way to live and the saddest way to die.

Focus your attention on your desires and concentrate on that. As certain as night follows day you will achieve your dreams.

To your zenith, Ozias Mucheriwa

Finding your gift.

Talent is a tricky thing to define and to discover. Talent is innate and it is something that all people have. Sometimes, to be talented can just be defined as to be good at doing something. And talents differ a lot. For example, one may be good at drawing or stitching; others are good at writing; others are good listeners. This is a talent, too, as well as being a good communicator. But discovering talent can take a little bit of time and also practice and auto-criticism.

At early ages we begin to develop our talents, without really understanding it. So, if you want to know how did your talent developed, you can ask your parents what you were good at when you were a kid. Teachers also provide good tips about our talents, so try to pay attention to what they say about you, to what they are praising you for.

Now, look at your own interests and hobbies and other things you do every day. Make a list of things you are passionate about, things that you would do for hours. Make a list of what you don’t like, too. Now go back to the first list and try to see if you do those things well or very well. Try to think about how did this hobby appeared in your life. For example, I can say I am talented at writing descriptions. I did not know that until I made a list, I thought about it and I realized that writing descriptions were not something that people required me to do, I just liked doing them.

Practice. No talent would grow into a very useful and unique one unless you practice. It is not enough to just realize you like something and you are good at it. Work on it, do it every day. If you discover that you do it with pleasure every day and that you like experimenting around your talent, then this is yours!

Share! Until I shared my descriptions with other people I was still a little bit afraid that this is not a talent of mine. So, I began sharing my writing. First, I asked my friends to read them. Then, my friends and I found that my closest buddie was a very good critic. He encouraged me, but he also told me where something did not quite go well. At last, I let my teachers and colleagues find out about it and they were amazed. So… it was my gift.I hope we all find our talents/gifts and go on to see them blossom.Writing and speaking have always been part of my early years growing up,writti ng poems,short stories,and I am not regretting that I am making use of what God blessed me with to benefit the world.

And other tips might be: look around you and see what attracts you most, what kind of activities; try different personality tests; experiment. Don’t give up and you will find it!

Gentleness is the Key

Gentleness precedes greatness. To lead others you have to be able to identify with where they are currently in their lives. Beyond mentally assenting to your employees current reality, leaders must truly feel for them personally and desire to lead them to their desirable destiny.
Such leadership is selfless and uncommon to the world model of self-advancement at any cost. What is lost in leadership by this self-centered model is employee trust and moral. Distrust permeates through many corporations turning them into adversarial settings as each tries to climb the ladder of success on top of each other’s back.

The problem with climbing the ladder of success this way is that once you ascend to the heights of the corporate structure, you will not be fulfilled. Climbing the ladder of success in a frenzied fashion only to later find out that your ladder was leaning upon the wrong building can be quite disheartening to say the least.
The future is not in the job, nor the fear factory for which you work. The future is in you. You therefore must value the people around you and esteem them your most valuable resource. Paychecks can be replaced elsewhere. People however are invaluable and irreplaceable.