Decide to be Decisive

Decide to be decisive

Jordan Touch Communications

Herbert Mtowo

An environment of opportunity surrounds our lives-its all everywhere.Some people make decisions to act on them,while others make decisions to leave them.Michael Jordan is a great example indeed.One of the 20th centuries greatest sporting icons.When he used to soar in the air to slam-dunk a basketball,then it seemed like time stood still.

Millions of people have been dazled by this highly gifted man,and referred to his artistry on the basketball pitch as `Magic`.Years after he retired from his playing career,millions of kids still envy him and want to be like him.Unbeknown to many,Michael`s life wasnt filled with oportunities as they later only came at the pick of his career,were multi million dollar contracts and advertising agencies wanting to secure his.

Intrestingly,Michael was dropped from the high school basketball team,because he wasnt good enough.And Gloria Esterfan can move a crowd and together with her band she can have an audience standing on their feet singing,clapping and dancing simply by singing a few notes.It seems they all had success thrust upon them,or they just got a break.Maybe they were at the right place atthe right time you can say lots about them.But one thing I have discovered about life and successful people is that,they made decisions to act on the opportunities they were given,and chose not to live in their past failures or fears.They aLL DECIDED TO LIVE THEIR CHILDHOOD DREAMS.Faced with adversity they chose not to quit on their dremas.Michale Jordan says,"If there was a most likely to succeed,I was the least".What more can I say Gloria Estefan had her back broken in a traffic accident at the height of her career and underwent inensive therapy to return to the stage.

It is always too early for you to give up on your dreams.Its too early to quit on your opportunities.believe you me it`s a tough decision to hang on and persue your dremas against all adversity.But somebody has gotta do it and it has to be YOU.



Herbert Mtowo