Never say die…

Never Say Die..

Greetings good pple,hope its been a great year so far.\just a firndly reminder,the year is almost done if you are still figuring out how to maximise.Remember time waits for nobody.May I take this opportuunity to keep going and dont give up,naver,naver,say die.Let that be your motto this year.

Sad thingd happen in our society these days,in front of me is one of our local neswpapers,Th Namibian,with a story that shocks your imagination and boogles the mind.Th story read,A 41yr old man rpaes and murders his 76yers old mother,whats going on to this world.You an me ahve a lot to make this world a better home,do we sure we have to.That is horrific,but sombody has to do something to help the person next to you.I am not in th writting to make a fortune but to impact the world for good and empower our society,its not veasy to be a public speaker or to write and motivate ppel,but tell you what God has been gracious to me and with all the support,prayers and enocuarging feedbacks |I get from you all,all over the world,its been pheno,inal the response and love you have bestowed upon us at JTC. Much love to you all.

To my article now,.Humans tend to lose and win through effort and had work.Most often someone remarks,"I wish I had an opprtunity",they really mean they missed the opportunity.Miisng out,howver,doesnt mean the end.It can always become a new beginning.In 1996,Norman,the Great White Shark,was on target to win the US golf Open.It was a faet that,despite a winning career,he had not yet achieved.Norman was well ahead of the other players.The media wwere certain of his pending victory,when inexplicably his game fell apart and the famous green jacket eluded him again.The next day the newspapers ran headlines:The Shark Cant Swim,The Sahrk Sinks and The shark Lost Its bit3e.At the end of it all he said this:" I am a winner.I lost,toady,but I am not a losre in life.I have won tornaments and Ihave lost tornaments.maybe something good is waiting to happen.This is just a test".The key is if you have failed,dont give up just keep pushing and keep trying.Dont give up on an opportunity without even trying.If you want to be successful in life find someone you can model yourself on.Listen to me,never lower your AIM.

To be continued.

Peace and Love to you all.

JTC,..Keeping you inspired even when you feel like giving up.God bless you all.Keep `em coming feedback,we love you all and will cheer you up all the way.


Herbert Mtowo.