Never say die..Dont quit.

Never say die…Don’t give up

By Herbert Mtowo

There is so much that we face in every day life such that you want to just quit and let go. But I have news for you, your very life depends on the dream and vision you are about to give up on. I know troubles last only but for a while. We need to be resilient and take another lick and still push through to realize and accomplish our dreams. If you don’t do it nobody will do it but you. Your future isn’t in anybody`s hands but yours.

Someone once said,” You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try. Any person who chooses not to quit on their dreams is already on the verge of breaking into new levels of opportunity and success. Napoleon Hill once said,” The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans-opportunities to take the place of those which fail.” That’s why it is stated often times that the greater the struggle the greater and sweeter the victory. Time is a priceless gift that you and me need to treasure in our pursuit of greatness’ hats why the future is coming at us in sixty seconds a minute. You and me must accept our time is finite. We aren’t immortal and we only have so much to time to use and surely we must use it wisely. Because time passes so quickly, it makes sense to use it wisely in your quest for the crown. No one I beg you and not you should come to the end of their lives and have to say, “if only”,. If only I had studied further, if only I had told her how much I cared, if only I had taken the risk. Here it from me it`s never too late to start now. If you and me can fill the unforging minute, with sixty seconds worthy of distance run, ours is the earth and everything that`s in it.

Beloved it is imperative that we learn and train hard to achieve things in life. Time invested in training makes winning look simple. As a public speaker I have realized that time is the most valuable asset that has been given to me and I use and invest into it wisely, with several hours of preparation and patience to bring the best out of what is merely an idea yet to become reality. The amount of time you and me spend in working our opportunities, building our opportunities, researching and planning our opportunities will surely determine whether it`s success or failure. The choice is yours, you have come a long way with your dreams you can’t give them up now, and I beg you not to give up now. Muhammad Ali the great once said,” I hated every minute of training, but I said don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”.

Champions aren’t born at all, but they are made, you can ask the Barcelona Manager and players of the sweat and toil spent in training, Lionel Messi isn’t just gifted but he [puts a lot of time into his skills to be the best in the world, Mike Tyson became Boxing`s World heavyweight Champion at a tender age of 18yaers, but it didn’t come cheap, he invested in training and eating healthy. Bolt who is as fast as lightning, lol, says he hasn’t reached his maximum potential but with training and he can set records which may not be broken. The list is endless; they all labored and toiled to be what they have become and what they became then, so you and me have no excuse not to make it or thinking of quitting.

Remember, train hard, don’t quit. Perseverance is the not the long race, its one short race after another. Live your like a champion and decide to be a champion, dare to stay on and fight.

Peace and Love.

Jordan Touch Communications Chairman.

Herbert Mtowo