Do You Want To Live Better? What Are Your Goals?

Do You Want To Live Better? What Are Your Goals? (Part I)

In each and every year beginning of , I talk about the importance of setting goals. I write about goals in my articles; write about goals in my books; talk about the importance of goals. Yet, I still find many people in my network who refuse to set any goals!

They are happy having a few New Year’s resolutions, which they typically forget by the beginning of February! I have said it before and I will say it again here…resolutions are a waste of time! I repeat…resolutions are a waste of time! Leave resolutions alone and set some goals!

Why set goals?
Goals work! You must have written goals that are SMART! That is…Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound. Written goals that are SMART will change your life! It is refe renced in Scripture, “Write the vision, make it plain, that he that reads it can run the race!” (Habakkuk 2:2)

Recently, I asked myself why it is that people hear me talk about the importance of goals, yet they still don’t set their goals?!!! I believe there are several reasons. The first reason is because goal setting takes work! If you want goals that work on you and for you, then you must work on them!

Zemira Jones, management guru and president of All American Management Group, says, “Setting goals is easy to do; but it is just easier not to do it! And people tend to take the easy path! But, if you are hard on yourself, your success will be easier. Conversely, if you are easy on yourself, your success development will be much harder!”

Every super successful person I have ever met or interviewed have echoed the same theme. Super success in any venture takes work; and you have to be committed to the work to re ach the goal!

The second reason people don’t set goals is because they just don’t know how! So, over the next few editions of this newsletter, I will share secrets about goal setting to help you through the process and make it easier.

These tips I have learnt from by one of the greatest goal setting experts I have ever heard of and listened to, Jim Ball. He was the president of the Goals Institute. Jim passed away a couple years ago, where he has shared secrets that have transformed the lives of many people.

What Are Goals?
First, Jim defined a goal for me. Jim said, “A goal is a tool that helps you assign in your brain what you want and what you want to become.” It helps you draw a line in the sand of where you are and another line of what you have to accomplish. It is a way to move into the future and clearly separate the future from the past. As Jim loved to say, “Without a goal a terrible thing usually happens … NOTHING!”

Steps To Goal Action
Goals move people to action. And consistent action leads to results! But without a methodology or an understanding of how to set goals, most people get frustrated and just put it off…until next year! Then they repeat the process next year and never reach their potential. So here are the first steps to get your goals up and moving:

1. Take out a paper and pen; or go to your computer or pick up your smart phone and get ready to write your goals.

2. Think about what you want! First, imagine that you went to the doctor today and he told you he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that you have a year to live!&nb sp; 365 days from now you will be dead! The good news is that the illness is rare, and guarantees that anything you try, anything you attempt …you will achieve!

3. Ink It! What ten things would you try if you knew you could not fail? Write down at least ten things you would attempt because you could only win at them. Then send them to me at herbertmtowo I will, in effect, become one of your accountability partners.

If you are serious you will do this exercise! But if you choose to take the easy road, and put it off until later…. well, I’ll talk to you again about this-next next article!

Remember, your success is up to you! What are you going to do?