Seize Every Opportunity!

Seize Every Opportunity!

Herbert Mtowo www.herbertmtowo.wordpress.comt



Surround yourself with people who compliment you, not duplicate you! If you’re led by people whose insight is no deeper than your own, how far will you get? Jesus said, ‘When a blind man leads a blind man, they both end up in a ditch’ Matthew 15:14. (Limiting yourself to those who laugh only at the same jokes, who vote only for the same party and share only the same ideas, robs you of personal growth and leaves you living in a secure but shriveled world. If you’re going to progress to the next level, hang around those who are already there or at least know how to get there. Your development and in some cases your healing can take place only when you cross paths with people who challenge and stretch you.

‘But what if they make fun of me?’ you ask. Only the arrogant do that! The wise respond to seekers for they themselves are seekers. Risk asking. Refuse to allow anybody to keep you stuck in a world of ignorance. ‘But what if I don’t measure up?’ you ask. If you don’t stand near a measure, you won’t know how much you need to grow or how much you’ve already grown.

Having less information doesn’t make you a lesser person. Life’s a school and every new acquaintance is a teacher. Whatever others know, they haven’t always known. The greatest indictment against not knowing is not learning. So today, seize every opportunity to learn!