The essence of personal development.

The Essence of Personal Development
I have thought it worth our while to free our minds, relax and look again at the subject that is mostly talked about these days, the subject of Personal Development. What is it and what does it entails?

When we go through life the need for rewarding relationships and influence is evident in all of us. People in every setting make frantic effort to like, be liked and attract meaningful relationships into their lives. Sometimes, in a work environment, employees work towards eliciting favour from their bosses and colleagues. In social settings they try to attract the admiration of highly influential people. Regrettably, more often than not, this is done in desperate and wrong ways. We still have in our societies the majority that subscribe to the crab mentality of pulling others down in order for them to go up the ladder of success. They want to play expert all the time while strutting in borrowed plumage. They keep up appearances as they are not themselves.

Personal Development is closely related to the essence of the origin of the word “Character.” This word originates from Greek meaning chisel or the mark of a chisel. A good character is formed after deliberately taking a chisel and getting rid of the undesirable elements from your character until you become a man or woman of good character. This is by no means an easy task.

Personal development is about working on yourself. It has nothing to do with how others see or treat you. The effort you apply in working on yourself is what will determine your level of personal development.

Unlike many products where you need to purchase raw materials for processing into finished goods, you are the raw material that is needed to chisel out a good personality out of yourself. It is unfortunate that self-development is a duty that cannot be delegated to subordinates. You need to personally attend classes, read books, watch educational movies, listen to tapes and apply the information that you get. The better you become the more income you attract in your life and the better and rewarding relationships that you attract.

Why it is important to work on yourself is this fact: In life you attract what you are and not what others are. Many believe that they have what they have because of what was offered to them, notwithstanding they attract what they have by becoming the persons that they are. Rewarding relationships and success are not attracted by what you have but by who you are. It is only you that have the keys to lock or unlock the flow of joy and happiness into your life b pursuing personal development.

To Your Zenith

Ozias Mucheriwa