The art of making love. Part 1

The art of making love. Part 1

By Herbert Mtowo.

Love making is one of the forms of expressing deep love and longing for your partner. Know more about some tips on how to make love, through this write up. This is a topic many aren’t comfortable to write or talk about lets you are labeled as a player. But from a writing and counseling point of view, in talking to my many friends I have realized that there is need to have more spoken or discussed about this topic. But being labeled or not, am just doing my apart to open our eyes and write about things we call taboo in society today, but 99.9% of marriages have been destroyed because of sex, money ,communication and other many factors, but these three being chief reasons why marriages are breaking.

I don’t know about you, but this I have found out, very few people are keen to openly talk about love making to people of the same sex ,or opposite sex be their friends or lovers, I think because of the taboos surrounding the word making love. In m any languages and cultures the young have since got some new words, street lingo, that enable them to talk about making love freely without feeling bad about it or being labeled. Others would demonize you if you write about this topic, others would think you are a sex maniac, others would call you a player, and neither am I a sex Doctor or therapist, but this issue needs urgent attention. I am one who believes people can abstain, be faithful all the way till death, so please hear me as I write this one.

God and sexual intimacy

Our generation has too many challenges around this topic of making love, no wonder why Jesus called this an adulterous generation. “Happily” married, but you find couples still cheating on each other sexually? Sad though our generation has cheapened and commercialized making love like vegetables being sold at an open market. We all have sexual needs, but we also don’t need to jump to bed with every Tom and Harry just to have a fix or sexual fulfillment, nah we don’t need to. I am yet to know of a man or woman pronounced dead, despite the justifications that both men and women give about the cheating s going on around us today.

God knows we all have sexual needs, and he wants them fulfilled too, but not with everybody who comes our way. Sexual intimacy in the eyes of God remains very special and sacred too, but only if done in the confines of faithfulness and love not just as sexual satisfaction. We don’t really need sexual intimacy resumes to be able to enjoy it, just being faithful to one partner and abstain if you don’t have nobody until you get one is the key. The many experiences we gather along the way to build our sexual resumes are actually the major reasons for cheating, because you have too many comparisons to make and that’s a bomb waiting to explode in your face.

Finding out.

I am grown up adult now, but I don’t remember one single day when my dad or brothers talked to me to prepare me for this way of adult hood. All my mom and dad would always say to me was,” Don’t play with girls,.” Our sexual experiences come in different ways but what I have discovered is that most of us just find out about how to make love without enough knowledge and information. I grew up being told kids are bought from a hospital, and when I became a teenager, I would see my dad and mom going to their bedroom, and leave us watching TV, then because of the biology subjects in high school; I knew that, they were going to enjoy themselves. But that I never opened up to talk about it even to my own brothers, or friends, such is the secrecy around this topic.

My going to church and growing up being a Sunday school pupil, didn’t give me much grounding too. I then discovered that over the years there is so much information being stuffed away from people and lack of knowledge ends up hurting or destroying many relationships. We don’t need to watch porno to improve our sexual performances, the mind is extremely creative when it comes to sexual intercourse it should be left to explore and go on a discovery journey of itself. God who designed this sacred thing called making love, left the creativity to our minds and explore the body.

World of discovery

The foods we eat, our life styles all contribute to our sexual lives, and everybody claims to b e an expert even when they don’t know jack what this is all about. To most men the foods we eat do contribute to our sexual performance, in the City Press of South Africa last year, it brought up this topic, that most women interviewed in South Africa would want to make love a minimum of three times a week, and in all the times not less than twenty minutes of quality sexual intercourse (this am not including the four play times, nah just the men inside a woman).Sad to say most men can’t even last three minutes of quality making love, mainly because of the foods that most men eat and their life styles too. These things they interest me not that sexual intercourse is the most important topic to me, but it’s something calling us to a wakeup call, what with this HIV/AIDS pandemic, and that my job day in and day out as a consultant. The ignorance around this topic baffles my mind.

I have always said that the body of a woman is like a musical instrument, something I discovered now that I became an adult, and being the creative and wanting to find out person that I am. It is silly to want to enjoy lasting and quality sexual intercourse with your life long partner, without you having clear cut knowledge about their bodies. The human body I have found out is the most fascinating piece of art that can have us stand in awe and wonder and still want to just marvel at the creation of God`s piece of art and genius.