The art of making love. Part 2

The art of making love. Part 2

Learning to master it.

There are myriads of ways to express our love towards our partner. Being physically intimate is one of the most important and much desired forms of love. Love making has certain dimensions associated to it. While quenching sexual thirst is a normal desire for all, being intimate and close to someone very special during love making is certainly, a deeper and much needed aspect. We all want to share our life and love with someone very close so that the bonding blossoms into a healthy relationship.

Hence, it’s important to learn the art of how to make love to your partner. As I said earlier on, that the body of a woman is like a musical instrument-If you pick up and play any musical instrument it produces sound which we then call music, whether it’s good or bad but sound comes after is has been played. But the quality of the sound-music is determined by the player, whether he or she is skilled or not. So don’t break the instrument or go get every instrument-woman, in the world to get quality sound-music. But earn how to play the instrument and take your time to learn the cords too. We were all not born skilled with skills of making love; it’s something we have all learnt along the way. As far as I am concerned something you can learn is something you can improve your skills continuously to become a better skilled person. Hold it good people, it’s not about jumping to bed with every woman or man who comes your way, love the one whom God gave to you.

Making love to a woman

Wondering how to make how to make love to your wife or girlfriend? Well, you may be aware about how to make love but may be you’re missing something more subtle. The whole idea of learning how to make out is to share a deep bonding to someone and if you want to increase the intensity of your physical intimacy to great heights, certainly express her that you want her and you love her. I mean, if you mean it from your heart, she will automatically understand it. Your eyes must speak the intensity and craving you’ve got for your beloved. And the golden rule is to keep an eye contact all the while through the act, till culmination. Now, let’s know the core parts of how to make love to a woman. These techniques will surely make her want more of you…

Kiss and pass the test. Kissing

It is just like a preliminary exam that will help you to gain further access to the main exam (her body). Your passionate kiss can determine the further intensity of your love making. And since there are variety of kissing techniques, positions and variety of kisses, you will be spoilt for choice (great guys, isn’t it?). You can kiss all over her body, every inch of her body, in fact. However, nothing is better to start with, than her soft lips. And when it comes to kissing her lips, why not try French kiss.

Wondering how to French kiss a girl? Well, French kissing is certainly one of the most passionate and enticing kisses and you’ve got to use it for maximum pleasure during foreplay. Don’t rush. Spend sufficient amount of time rubbing her upper lips softly (yeah, be soft, have patience). Gently, tug her lips between your lips, after you have licked her upper lips for some time. Besides lips, the area between chin and her throat is (aah…) certainly very sensual. Won’t you love brushing your lips there? You should, for sure. Then, try it. In fact, do it to master the tips of how to make love.

She needs more.

Okay the stage is set, you both are passionately kissing and the intensity is increasing. However, men don’t hurry to the final act immediately (patience, you know, is a prized virtue). Still, she needs more than kisses (and you’re ready to give her, great, go ahead). Don’t rush, that is the key to long lasting love making. You need to master more foreplay tips to make her feel more aroused. For those who want to know the secret of how make love whole night, they have to for sure, learn foreplay as a very effective tool to last longer. To enhance the pleasure, it’s worth learning various arousal tips. Since women are highly sensitive to touch, you’ve got to ensure you make her arouse by properly kissing the erogenous spots on her body. Wondering what are some of the most erogenous areas on her body? Know them here:

1. Face: You can certainly start by kissing her all over the face, gently. Another act you can do is to massage the area above her eyebrows with your thumbs, slowly and softly. She will love it. Try it out.

2. Ears: So you thought, ears have no use in love making? Well, they do have significant role to play. Researchers say, the rim of a woman’s ear is very sensitive. Why not touch or massage the rim of the ear and kiss it by gently caressing her back of the head with forefingers. Watch her feel more of you. And you can, you know, whisper in her ears, ‘honey, you’re beautiful’ or ‘ I want you more’.

3. Neck and Lips: These are the most soft spots on a woman’s body and so you can’t resist starting from them. Kiss her all aver the neck and lips and she would love every part of it.

4. Legs: Touch has a sensation. Tickle with your forefingers her thighs all the way to vagina but pull before you reach there (patience, again friends). Gentle kisses and touches work better. Since, she will love it, be careful to make it pleasurable. And guess, she will want more.