The art of making love Part 3

The art of making love Part 3

1. Breasts: The most erogenous spot on a woman’s body and also the one that causes the most impact on a man’s psyche are breasts (certainly, in competition with a pair of hot legs). Kiss the area above and under the breast softly. Don’t be in a rush to reach to the nipples. Eventually, you will reach there. Stimulation of breasts can set the mood for her to experience the big – O. Keep teasing the nipples in a soft manner. Ensure that she is enjoying (she must be). Spend quality time in kissing this nerve rich spot.

2. Back of the Knee: Yeah, back of the knee is an area for certain and instant arousal. She may find it ticklish at first, but have fun doing it. Cover her entire back of the leg and slowly move your finger on her calf and leg, tickle at her at the back of the knee.

3. The Back: Her back, well, is another area that can enhance arousal and give maximum pleasure. Give her a gentle rub down, gently massage between her shoulder blades kissing softly and passionately at intervals. Give her back some passionate kisses and the occasional nibble too.

4. The Stomach: A flat sexy stomach (ahh…) is certainly a loved spot to kiss and hence you can kiss her stomach all the way through navel. Kiss, kiss and kiss.

5. Fingers and forearms: Well, fingers are a way to communicate and holding her fingers in your hands, slowly caressing them and tickling it all through the forearms. Kiss her forearms and make her feel want more.

More foreplay tips include, massaging her body with good smelling oil, taking a shower together or applying oil on each other’s body. Once you are done with the foreplay part and remember the time limit is not fixed. It all depends on how long you want to carry the act and the intensity you want to build. Now, that foreplay is about to end, you can move on to the next stage.

Talking Dirty.

Talking dirty is another way to enhance sexual pleasure and is an important aspect of how to make love. Since you know her body, you must know what your piece-de resistance is). Some examples of dirty talking are, ‘baby, you smell so delicious, can I just take a bite of you.And then some more or ‘I love smelling you, sniffing your body…can I have it’. Or, you have no idea how much I want you, right now. It certainly is an erotic way to pep up things in the bedroom. Use dirty talking as an effective tool and don’t let the power of words go waste. They work at the right time, at the right place and at the right moment! And when you will say to her, all you wanted to say, if not in these moments of prime intimacy.

Give her oral sex.

In the endeavor to learn ‘how to make love to a woman’, you’ve got to learn oral sex. Oral sex for many couples is the best option to start love making. It depends on your comfort level. If your partner loves oral sex then you can, for sure entertain her. Oral sex enhances takes you to heights of pleasure before switching to the final act. Be slow in performing oral sex. Slowly lick the outer edges of her genital area and make enhance her pleasure. Once she is aroused, you can carry on the act of sucking and licking as long as she wants for it. For better orgasms, oral sex is certainly a great booster. With sweet, passionate and juicy kisses, you can really turn her on. Once she is aroused and stimulated to a level that she wants you…and I mean she really pulls you inside herself (practically), it’s a sign that you both should proceed for the finale.

The climax.

Now, that you both just want to be one with each other, you need to slowly begin the sexual intercourse. Men on top or the missionary position is certainly one of dominating love positions for men and it enhances the pleasure by giving her maximum sensation. When it comes to her turn, women on top is one of the oldest forms of sexual positions and in this case, since she is aware of her G-spot, she can easily experience a wonderful orgasm. And there are whole lot of things to try as your intimacy advances and you both become more aware about each other’s body. There are hundreds of sexual positions that couples can try as they graduate in their physical intimacy level.

Massage To all women.

How to make love to your husband or boyfriend? Ladies, if this question is on your mind, then you must ensure that you know some tips on how to turn a guy on before love making. It has to be understood that proper communication creates a great chemistry between lovers and so bringing each other in the mood becomes easier. So, the bottom line is to understand your partner. For those who’re seeking love making techniques for the first time, they must ensure that they’re ready for first time sex, both mentally and physically. Following safety precautions is important to safeguard sexual health and is an important aspect of how to make love for the first time.

Last but not the least, by now, you must be aware of how to make love to your partner. One important thing to understand is that love making is certainly a blissful experience and so when it ends, you certainly will feel different. Don’t miss this opportunity to tell your beloved how dear she is to you and how much you love her…to express more aptly..Cuddling and snuggling beside you, I’m lost, intoxicated by your smell, bewitching eyes and then some more. All I want is you and your love. As I hold you in these arms, I feel you so close and with these arms, I promise to hold you forever…"

This isn’t meant to be a formula, but foundationally, so that people can go into a world of discoveries too. Making love still remains scared and precious in the eyes of God, and thus we all should understand that it’s not proper to just go give our bodies to very man or woman we bump into. There are so many attachments’ to go along with it. The reason why we now have sugar daddies is because most men don’t eat well and this affects their sexual performances with their wives, and we also have women who have become sugar mums because their men can’t satisfy them anymore. But there is no excuse to all of this, women be very careful of what your man puts into his stomach, if you are to keep the fires burning between the sheets at home. There is no excuse in life absolutely, no excuse whatsoever to cheat. God wants us to be faithful and He has given us the ability and capability to be faithful. God bless folks, let’s be the generation of men who say, it’s possible to be faithful to one woman till death and the women who can say it’s possible to be faithful to one man till death.