Disturbing trends on infidelity

Why did I get married.?

By Caroline Deane Check this it’s sad and shocking and hope it opens our eyes and realize this evil is with us and you and I have to collectively deal with it. -Herbert Mtowo. Trend #1 – Unfaithful Wives Infidelity was once believed to be a “man thing.” Though men are always viewed as the villain in extramarital affairs, infidelity statistics are showing that women today are not far behind when it comes to straying from the marriage bed. Some surveys show that as many as 68% of men and 66% of women have admitted to having sex with a person other than their spouse at least once during the course of their marriage. Apparently, women are feeling more “free” than in their grandmothers’ day. Indications are that viable occupations with meaningful income give women a sense of independence that was unknown to many in past generations. This euphoric freedom is evidently extending to every avenue of their lives from purchasing expensive jewelry and handbags to having a lover. A husband today should not be overly confident that “the little woman” is primarily focused on his well-being and that of the children. Nor should he assume that she is faithful to the marriage because “women don’t cheat.” Trend #2 – Cheating Among the Young Crowd The most disturbing data indicates that people under 30 are more likely to cheat than older individuals. Brought up in an age of unhidden promiscuity, the young people are less closed-minded when it comes to sexual adventures. The parents of this group were raised in a time of stricter censorship guidelines for movies and television; the rules governing sexual behavior were more concrete. Sexual intercourse was to be reserved for marriage. It was shameful for a young girl to get pregnant out-of-wedlock. In some cases the pregnancies were hidden and babies given to adoption agencies or an out-of-town relative to raise. Today, pregnant unwed girls in this situation are not shunned. In fact, her mother and friends will give her a baby shower. This generation could very well set the tone for the future of marriage. Many of them maintain that marriage is “not necessary.” They believe that it does not add any more value to their relationship with their “significant other” than living together. Many are choosing to cohabit and raise children together without a marriage license. Ironically, though not legally married, they expect their significant other to be faithful to the relationship. They consider a sexual relationship with another person cheating. They don’t want a marriage license, but they do want what it represents – a commitment to fidelity. Trend #3 – Cyber Fulfillment A source of unparalleled temptation to cheat, the internet and telecommunication as a whole could potential push infidelity to unprecedented levels. A click of the mouse can take you to view your sexual fantasies or to an unlimited number of online chat rooms to establish the emotional connection you so desperately desire. 25% of all search engines requests are for pornographic material. 38% of online users have engaged in sexual conversation. Seemingly harmless, participants are cheating. Additionally, these types of online activities normally lead to offline sexual relationships. It is expected that the percentage of men and women involved will increase over time.


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  1. I think loose sex destroys the basic atom of every society. That’s a family. To grow up healthily, a child needs the caring of both father and mother. But when sex is so free, there’re so many single moms out there. Men need women, women need men, not only in terms of sex. But easy sex ruins most of relationships before they become st real, as you have said, a true love! 😀


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