My passion

By Herbert Mtowo

That I am an avid and passionate writer is not a secret at all, but this what I am, my world revolves around words, imaginations and creativity. I always say to fellow writers that if there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it yourself.

The recent developments in Europe about the closure of News of the World and the phone hacking that have been going on has really not done the print and electronic Medias any good. But far from the negative the written word and spoken word still remains very influential by far and large into many many generations to come. All that we have is because somebody decided to document their words into written manuals and electronic documents. That’s what we are purposed to do for as long as we are on this great planet, to inspire, motivate, inform, educate through the power of the written and spoken word. Thank yah`all for the support, the feed backs and all the encouragements that you send to us. We are forever grateful to you and God Almighty who gives us the ability and power to write.

I’m not just a very good writer, but I’m an excellent writer and my life revolves around words and this is my passion. I am not motivated to speak as a public speaker because of money or rewards, neither the accolades that go along with it, but am just humbled seeing lives being transformed, inspired, revived, the feedback’s i and we get are astonishing and humbling, I have made friends through this and this is my joy and happiness.  Writing is not a job description. A great deal of it is passion. Don’t do it if you are not a gambler because a lot of people devote many years of their lives to it (for little reward). I think people become writers because they are compulsive wordsmiths.”  As a writer you must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a drawer. You send that work out again and again, while you’re working on another one. If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success – but only if you persist.

If only our great thinkers could learn to talk, and our great talkers could learn to think and write this world would be a better world and if the entire population would have an appetite for reading like a starved lion. So much of that which we don’t know is always available, but this generation doesn’t really enjoy digging for information. That’s why it is stated that education is Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. My desire and goal is to prepare kids and all to be great thinkers and have a great set of core base knowledge so they can go forward and reach out for their dreams without any fear of failure and refusing to be limited by circumstances.

It’s a tiring and energy supping work but what keeps me going is the joy of impacting generations and seeing people`s live taken to another level. Our world is a result of what somebody wrote, thought about and relentlessly researched on that and pursued it until they made sure this is it. Writing isn’t for the faint hearted, it just doesn’t required skill as much as it is important, it requires dedication, commitment, devotion and most great writers know that that silence experiences birth great inspiring articles. No wonder why great writer like the great Apostle Paul of bible times, the Physician Luke, wrote some of their most powerful letters and writings’ in solitary confinements, what about our own Nelson Mandela, wrote Long Walk to Freedom at Robin Island, though only released years later.

This you will know. Writers read a lot… and write a lot. Feed your passion whatever it may be it benefits the whole world and many generations to come. Don’t starve it feed it well.

Be there for other people.

By Ed Robinson

The secret to happiness has always been through giving not getting.  There are few things more important than being there for other people in your life when they need you.  Life can be a hard at times.   At some point, everyone will need a shoulder to lean on, someone they can confide in and maybe even a helping hand.  Sadly, many of us suppress our feelings and resist asking for help because we are worried by how it will be perceived by others rather than finding strength through them.

I’ve always believed you get a true sense of a person when they are managing through adversity rather than riding the wave of good fortune.   It’s easy to put on a happy face when things are going well.  However, some people do seem to get an inflated sense of self and become too judgmental of others when things go their way.  When you are down on your luck it becomes much easier to get a sense of your own vulnerability.  We are all human and human beings need respect, love and support.  “No man is an island.”

Instead of narrowing your circle I encourage you to broaden the number of people in your life you care about.  Rather than spending too much of your times worrying about your own happiness or lack thereof seek opportunities to help others.   Resist rushing to judgment and strive to be more compassionate and empathetic.  Ask people how they feel and what they need and genuinely mean it.  Actions always speak much louder than words.

We are all on this ride called life together.  Ultimately what happens to your neighbor does affect you.  The greater the distance the more subtle the impact but it is still there nonetheless.  You can do what most people do and avoid or criticize the situation or you can try and make a positive difference in someone else’s life when they need you (especially when it is difficult to do so).  It’s a good idea to remember that life has a way of humbling us all.

What doesn’t kill?

By Herbert Mtowo

Up to now this still rates as one of my all time favorite article; people are going through so many challenges and in response to some of them. Its been humbling to read are how these articles are reaching out to thousands and that people`s lives are being transformed and inspired. With much love to you all, thank you for the birthday wishes, I have struggled with health matters of late but your prayers, love and God`s grace has seen me through. To JTC thank you so much and to Salome Shoombe thanks for being there for the JTC family, you and all the group are much-loved and greatly appreciated. I thank God for his grace at times getting peace in the middle of storms, there are so many who have been hit left right and center, which are yearning for solutions. But believe you me the article to follow is a heavy one I read it now and then. Enjoy it. [Herbert Mtowo]

Ladies and Gentleman, it is official: A new study has concluded that experiencing “adverse life events” not only makes you stronger but more satisfied with your life. This study also found that people who sail through life with ease or face less frequent adversity usually do not fare as well compared to those that do. Due to this information, researchers came to the conclusion that ”people are more resilient than we thought and happier because of it.”

Have you ever experienced an emotional, financial, or personal setback? Has that setback ever been a key to your success?

Personifications of Marriott’s quote are available throughout America’s rich history. For instance, Babe Ruth struck out a ridiculous 1,330 times in his professional baseball career, but because of his willingness to continue after failure Ruth went on to amass the record-setting tally of 714 home runs. R.H. Macy failed an incredible 7 times before his Flagship Macy’s Department store of New York City caught on! The great Walt Disney, creator of Disney Motion Pictures and Disney-world, failed many times, and even suffered a nervous breakdown and lost his home, before he was able to develop a successful cartoon about a mouse named Mickey. The moral of these great American success stories is that the most amazing successes are more often than not built upon early adversities. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that only out of adversity can massive success truly be born, and it is our job as humans striving for excellence to turn these adversities into eventual successes.

One important key to turning your adversities into amazing successes is the importance of seeing your adversities as a bump in the road and not the end of the road. Your adversities are integral parts of the development process that prepares you for eventual success.

A second important key to turning adversity into success is one’s attitude. Answer this question: do you see your glass as half full or half empty? Or, more grammatically, do you see your current adversity as a “setback-period” or as a “setback-comma”? I ask this because as children we were all taught that there were two punctuation marks, each being critical to our ability to effectively learn to read and write. These two punctuation marks were the period and the comma. A period means the end of a sentence or end story, automatically implying that there is no more to be said or communicated, since a comma signifies a pause in the thought, with more to come in the sentence or story! When we have a setback, which we all will experience at some point or another in this life, we have the choice of deciding if this is particular setback will be a period or a comma in our life’s story. I urge you to see life’s challenges as a comma and not a period, but you are the one who must make the choice.

Remember that your attitude determines how you see and respond to the adversity that you are facing. As Bob Johnson, the founder of BET and current billionaire, once wrote, “Adversity can either make you or break you! The same hammer that breaks the glass happens to be the same hammer that sharpens the steel!” Hence, your eventual success or failure all depends on the positivity or negativity of your attitude and perspective.