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By Herbert Mtowo

A couple of weeks ago, I sat to have breakfast with a young lovely successful and intelligent woman. We spoke about so many things that relate to day today life`s experiences. This topic was born out of my breakfast meeting with this woman. Being the attentive listener that I am, I am forever grateful for the breakfast meeting talk in the confines of her home. After reading this article a lot of you men out there you will realize, we aren’t the hunters, but we are trying to hunt the great hunters of our time. And most women will concur with me, its you made the move, but would just allow us to feel big as if we made the move yet in reality you were the ones who are expertly hunted for us. We are all used to this talk,” Men are hunters. Women are responders.” But after my breakfast talk with this young lovely woman, I beg to differ and agree with her and say,” Women great hunters hunted”

A man is born strong and competent. He has great emotional fulfillment as he pursues a woman because success shows his competency. A woman is however born beautiful to attract men. The natural order is that it is men who hunt for women. My talk with to this social scientist had me wondering when she said,” Herbert, look at the animal kingdom, it’s always the women who goes hunting for food for the young ones, when she is on heat, to mate she cunningly makes her availability to the opposite sex.” Great predators of our time aren’t man but women. If a woman has no interest in you at all and doesn’t lure you, you won`t have a chance of winning her heart. The bible is full of many examples of women on the prowl and pouncing on their victims with skill and ease.

Today however it appears that there is, more and more women hunting for men. Yet this has been the case from time immemorial. The talk about women equality and empowerment has gingered women on. After all, “body no be fire wood”. Everyone needs love because that is how we are made. When a woman goes for hunting, her scheming is so subtle and deceptive that in the end, she makes the man hunt for her. Let’s face it: men (in the minds of women) are basically slugs. We can’t really help it, despite best efforts. There is innate programming in most men, making communications with women difficult, which probably predates Neolithic history. This lack of communicative capabilities can be slightly improved, but in the end, men and women have communications and behavioral differences that are not bridged very easily.

Hunted-hunter’s choice

A woman looks at the way you carry yourself, especially your self-confidence. You must take good care of yourself, including things like what you wear; belt, shoes and hairstyle which many men do not pay particular attention to. She looks at your attitude in general. You must know how to take charge and handle difficult situations wisely without giving up because security is important to women. A woman will look for integrity. If you talk of wanting to marry but do nothing, it shows you are not serious, most women will avoid you. She expects loyalty. She must feel you will not have her just for your personal benefit like sex or be nice to her only when you want something from her. She also expects you will not be afraid to share your fears and concerns. A woman loves a man with a good sense of humor. You must be able to cheer her up even in difficult situations by looking at the lighter side of life. Fun is extremely important in relationships because it has many emotional, mental and physical benefits. A woman looks for a man who has the ability to provide for her future needs. Women see money as a medium of security. She must be sure there is enough for her basic needs.

There are more hunters on the loose.

Psychologists believe that as we grow up, we develop a “love man”, which are images of people we admire like our parents, into our sub-conscious mind. This may explain why sometimes you meet someone and you feel you have known him. Some call it love at first sight. There has never been a demand for men and not just men but real man than in our generation. Believe you me there are more women out there on the prowl than ever before. I meet women in their twenties, thirties, fifties even sixties on the prowl for thee man of their heart. In churches, at work places, amongst family members’ the talk on marriage or getting a man has become the real talk all over the world. That’s why there are more and more women on the hunt and they will increase by each day.

Hunt experts of our generation-Women.

She finds a way to get your attention. She puts her best foot forward in dressing, regular greetings or sitting close to you at social functions. She may ask you to do simple tasks, including asking for a lift. Some send text messages on festive days. Some send gifts. Once she strikes acquaintance, she finds time to get in touch just to talk. Soon you may become good friends. Then she expects you to propose. If that is not happening, she puts in coated questions like “how do you feel about me?” or “where is our friendship going?” She turns the tables on the man who then proposes. She may intentionally express surprise and even some hesitation. Some call it “woman do”. She makes you believe you hunted her when in fact it was her idea from day one.

Should a woman hunt?

This is the 21st century when men match women in every human activity. There are far more eligible women than men. The relationship market has become very competitive. If you just sit expecting someone to come, time may pass by you and you will be no match for the younger and more beautiful girls. Time to get involved is now. The only way to play the game is to get to the field. If you find a man you admire and not taken, go after him and pursue him relentlessly.

When a woman goes shopping, whether for food or fashion accessories, she spends more time typically within the retail (forest) experience. Stores innately understand this difference. Most retail stores or even supermarkets have an abundance of visual stimuli. When a woman goes shopping, it’s a total sensory experience. When a man shops, it’s a singular task or goal that needs to be accomplished. The woman goes to a store and typically looks at everything, examining quality colors, textures, etc. When a woman makes a choice for man she takes her time and makes sure, she has got a her ideal man, and that’s why shopping is an experience. When a man goes “shopping” he is out to “kill” a shirt, a pair of shoes or get a six pack of beer, often making more than one trip to buy whatever he thinks he needs. Shopping for a man is a task as much as getting the ideal woman. But for the skilled hunter expert woman of today, she lies eyes wide open checking on whom to pounce on.


Make the choice than be chosen.

It is better to try and fail than to live the rest of your life regretting about your failure to get your heart’s desire. Put aside your ego and traditional norms. Hunt for your heart’s desire. You will be glad you did. Perhaps, men have not advanced as far as women in modern society. Or perhaps women are unrealistic in their expectations of what a relationship between men and women is supposed to be. In any event, the battle of the sexes continues. Welcome to the animal kingdom ladies and gentlemen. You either get the ideal choice or you get the jungle`s left spoils. To all men out there get it right you were the one who was hunted and not the other way round.

Bigger picture

We live in a quick-fix society, bottom line. Nobody wants to put in the work to fix what is wrong with their lives anymore. We take diet pills to lose weight, get plastic surgery to change our appearance, and in general, take as many shortcuts as possible to find happiness. Divorce may be the most common shortcut of all, yet most women fail to recognize that it is in fact, a shortcut. I think that divorce is even worse than that. In most cases, divorce is a blatant escape mechanism, a convenient out to evade the pain of a relationship audit. A relationship audit is a great tool to improve your rapport with your mate. Think about it, you can either learn how to be a better partner to your significant other through trial and error, or you can take control now and pinpoint crucial flaws that demand correction. The tools on women hunting women are effective because they shed light on the aspects of relationships that women need to master in order to achieve stability and relative contentment with their mate.


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