Beauty and the Breast

By Herbert Mtowo

What is it about a woman’s breasts that make them so special? Is it perhaps the fact that as a baby we found in them comfort, satisfaction and security? It is difficult to tell, but the fact still remains. Song of Solomon 8:10 I [am] a wall, and my breasts like towers: then was I in his eyes as one that found favor. Proverbs 5:18 let your fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of your youth. Like a loving deer and a graceful roe; let her breasts satisfy you at all times; and be intoxicated always with her love.


There is a power in the breasts that affects any man. Why is it then that many women, as they mature and their breasts begin to show, tend to hide them away instead of showing them forth proudly? Is it a sinful thing for a woman to display the assets that the Lord has given to her? Certainly to do so in a way that stirs up lust and wrong desires in a man is not something a Christian woman should be doing. For a married woman this part of her body is reserved especially for her husband. But for the single woman, it is one of her greatest beauty assets, and a shapely figure which displays the curves of her breasts is one thing that will surely draw attention from members of the opposite sex. It is the way God made us.

For those who are married, you should never try to put down the importance of the woman’s breasts. And as a wife you should not see your husband’s desire to fondle or caress your breasts as something simple. It is a very profound thing. This act alone, like kissing, can bring a unity between a husband and wife in an almost magical way. If done correctly in tender love, it can be a very satisfying experience which greatly heightens your love making. For a man, the very act of caressing his wife’s breast can bring forth a deep satisfaction that can melt away his cares and make him feel like a little baby again, resting securely in his mother’s arms. It touches a deep need that many other things cannot do. And it can take place without a word being said.

For a woman, there can be both a sensation of pleasure if her breasts are sensitive to being stimulated, and a sense of intimacy. When a woman lies in her husband’s arms as he caresses her, she can experience a sense of protection and belonging, as she lies securely in his arms. The woman in the Song of Solomon expresses her delight at this experience in the following verses: Song of Solomon 2:6 His left hand [is] under my head and his right hand embraces me. Song of Solomon 8:3 His left hand [should be] under my head, and his right hand should embrace me. But the passage that expresses clearest the effect that this has on the man is the one that says: “be intoxicated always with her love.”

This wonderful part of love making is better than getting high on alcohol. And it is something that a husband and wife should be enjoying frequently. For many men, the experience is one of having an occasional sip of wine. This will never ever get you to a place of being intoxicated. For many women, it is an uncomfortable experience, because they feel ‘used’ by their husbands instead of loved. Why not learn to flow together in this. Imagine the wonderful experience if you both consider each other. The man is tender and loving as he caresses and fondles the breasts of his wife. The wife allows herself to bask in the pleasure of his touch. As you do this together you will learn to meet each other’s needs in a special way that will draw you closer to each other than ever How often should you do it?  Whenever you desire – as long as you are not in public, or you might draw the wrong attention.

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  1. I think breasts are beautiful assets. They are the bright future for the husbands and the children. They both find comfort from the breast. They bond through them in a different way. Mostly they are our pride, they stand out to show the figure and curves. They give that pear shape, the beauty of the Creator!!!!!

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