Know Your Spouse

By HHerbert Mtowo

Marriage is the best! Marriage is great! Marriage is heavenly!

Now check your mate!

I want you to take a little time out to have some fun! I remember a program once that was always fun to listen to. It was called ‘Check Your Mate’. Basically it was a game to see who knew their spouse the best. So are you up to it? Do you think you REALLY know your spouse? Well there is only one way to find out!

Below are lists of questions that will tell you for sure. Simply type in the answers and send them to your spouse. The real test will come when they respond and tell you how many you got right and how many you got wrong! So get ready… steady …GO! Check Your Mate Answer each of these questions and send them to your spouse for marking. If both of you play this game you are in for some laughs. And who knows, you might learn a few things about your spouse you never did before!

1. What is your spouse’s favorite color?

2. What is your spouse’s idea of a romantic evening?

3. What does your spouse love the most about your body?

4. What character traits does your spouse love the most about you?

5. Which of your habits does your spouse dislike the most about you?

6. What kind of gifts does your spouse like to receive?

7. Where does your spouse love to touch you the most during love-making?

8. What makes your spouse feel attractive about him/her?

9. What is your spouse’s favorite outfit or pair of shoes?

10. What are your spouse’s goals for their career or ministry?

11. And finally… What is the one thing that you could do; that you know would immediately cheer up your spouse when they are having a bad day?

Do not end the game here! When you mark your spouse’s answers, add a few more questions of your own! Or even better, try to think of one thing they do not know about you and tell them about it! The Lord has created something so special between the two of you. As you continue to open your hearts to one another and to the Lord, you will just keep getting closer.

Everyone has days when you fall down and things do not go as you planned, but get up and keep going again. Look past the conflicts and take that time to just say, “I love you.” It is amazing how just a bit of love can go a long way. I trust that you have as much fun with this project as I did. I cannot wait to see what your results were.

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