The Mystrey of life

Sometimes though I just have to bite the bullet and assemble something myself, because it is the only way to buy that particular item. Life doesn’t come pre-assembled either. You are given the pieces and it is up to you to put it together yourself as best you can.

You can’t order life ready made. It always needs assembly. The pieces are all there but we each put them together differently. There are no instructions and sometimes we don’t get it right first time, having to take things apart and put them back together again several times before our life is the way we want it to be.

I went to see some friends recently and they had just got back from buying a new set of bookshelves. My friend had got the shelves put together at last when he noticed that the grain was upside down on several of the shelves. It wouldn’t matter too much and they would work just as well, but he insisted on taking the whole thing apart again to get the shelves the right way up. His wife thought that it would be fine as it was, but he preferred to take the extra time to get it just the way he wanted it.

Life is like that too. You can have it put together and functional, but then feel the need to take it apart again so that you can reassemble it slightly differently. This may be your own choice just to make it fit your personal preference, or it may need adjusting to fit new circumstances. Whatever the reason, taking your life apart and reassembling it gives you the chance to improve your life and make it more satisfying.

You are never going to assemble your life just once and then leave it at that. Life tends to need reassembling many times through one lifetime. What works at one stage in your life won’t fit you later. It can be exciting to reassemble your life or it can be a nuisance. Look at it as an opportunity to improve your life and tailor it to the new you, and it will help you keep positive as you fit all the pieces together once more.