( By Herbert Mtowo)


If I were to ask you to define true love, you would probably not find this an easy thing to do. Love means many things to different people. Perhaps that is why we have made it so complicated. And as I always say, we have to find a simple way in order to be happy.

I am sure that by now, after trying to understand my ‘simple’ principles that I teach, you are finding it not so simple. You have probably found that showing love, affection and being in harmony are not so simple after all. Yet they should be if that is what God said we should do. So perhaps the real problem is that we keep complicating the things that God designed to be simple. Like love for example. I want to try and help you in this topic to realize how easy love really is. And when you see how easy it is, you will probably say, “Wow, I wish I knew that before.”

To help you understand love better, I am going to take you through some memories of the past. I want you to understand how you developed such a wrong idea of what love really is and how love affects each part of you. When we are finished, I think that you will find some love starting to appear that you did not know was there. . Then you will learn a little bit about yourself, get ready for this two part series.

A Life Without Walls, what an experience
You and me began our lives in a very safe and secure place; deep in our mother‘s wombs. We were as close to another human being as a person can ever get. AS part of our mothers, we shared her body, her soul and her spirit. The two of us could not be separated. So we felt it when her body moved, we felt it when her soul was touched, and we also shared in her spiritual experiences. While we were in the womb, you were protected from all outside influences and every need we had was met instantly through the mother. And although we were a separate person to her, we felt like we were part of her.

But then there came a time when suddenly all of this ended. You were pushed out into a new world that did not exist before. A world where there were no more walls of protection. A world where love does not always exist, where hurt and pain can affect you. Now instead of your needs being taken care of automatically, you found that you had to cry out for them to be fulfilled. And the more you cried, the more your needs were met. You soon found out that love was something that was not given freely.

The Walls Going Up

Now for most of us, our mother was probably a normal woman who cared for her little baby. But even the most loving mother finds it hard sometimes to be patient and caring. The demands of life, and the added responsibility of a little baby can cause a mother to not always give unconditional love.

Add to this also the other people who come into the picture. If the birth took place in a hospital the you were probably handled by nursing staff and doctors who were not always loving. They might have hurt you in order to help you, by pricking your body to take blood samples, and pushing pipes into your mouth and nose to remove excess fluid etc. I am sure that you do not remember any of these things. But from the moment you were born, you found that you were unprotected from hurt and pain. So you began to slowly build up some walls around you to protect yourself.

Then, as the walls began to grow, you started to feel a bit more like you did in the womb. You rested, knowing that if harm would come, you were ready for it. But what you did not realize was that you were not only protecting yourself from harm. You were also slowly putting up a barrier that would block out everything. And that barrier also began to block the love that your mother and others around you were trying to give you.

……To be Continued