By Herbert Mtowo

A few months ago I set and spoke to one of my precious childhood friend In Pretoria, Gibson by name. As he narrated to me, saying,” You have always had a passion in Writing,”, back then I was involved in Sunday school and Youths drama acting at church, poetry and etc related.  What a friend and brother you are to me, its been along walk you know what I have gone through. But today I look back and say waal, thank God that I just didn’t keep dreaming but turned my dreaming into action, am sitting at the verge of something big unfolding. God has given me precious friends and lovely wonderful people. Dreaming and thinking about achieving big things is inspiring. But such positive thinking is effective only when you take an action. You might have all the knowledge in the world to do a particular thing but what is the use of that knowledge unless you act upon it?

After all, knowledge and skills can remain only pieces of information stored in your mind if you sit idle and do not utilize them to achieve your goal. Simply having knowledge and good thoughts will not take you anywhere. So in order to achieve your desired results and experience the personal development you would like to see in yourself, you have to combine knowledge with the necessary action. I recently have had a wonderful discussion and talk with Sylvia-In U.S.A, and how amazing God connects me to people of like passions. These around me are people who aren’t just dreaming but acting big, you have a big heart Sylvia and its good to have people like you dwarfing my dreams hey..

Self help is – best fuel for growth

Of course, you need to have the vision in your mind regarding where you want to see yourself in the future. But all those thoughts and vision require conscious action from your side to turn your dreams into reality. Remember even the most successful people would not have reached their milestones without taking action. Many of us avoid taking the initiative because of fear of losing. But keep in mind that the ultimate failure is not losing. Rather failure is the malady of not trying at all. So take action no matter how small it is. You will be amazed to see that even the smallest of self help actions can have an impact. The idea is to keep moving forward.

Choosing the more difficult option

For instance, you may aspire to take a business management course to give shape to your dream of becoming a successful business manager but are petrified of math. One option is to simply give up your dream and opt for another career. That is definitely the easy way out. The other option is to think positive, fight your fear of math, practice hard to upgrade your skills and get the help that you need.

The first and easier option will push you towards another career; while the second, more difficult option will help you build your dream career. Which one would you value more? To be stuck in a career you didn’t want … or to feel good about building the career of your dreams? No matter what your goal is, be it to launch your own company, become a fashion designer, a ballet dancer or finish your PhD … you have to keep taking consistent action towards your goal. Once you take the first step, it will be far easier for you to take the next step. But if you do nothing at all, nothing will be your result.

Be ready for the big leap

The success secret of all successful people is that they don’t just talk or visualize. They take action. When the going gets tough, they take small but steady steps … and when opportunity knocks, they are prepared to take the big jump. The key to success lies in consistently trying without quitting. It is not a stroke of luck that brings success. It is the combination of vision with the required action … one step at a time. And don’t lose heart when you start anything new. Always remember most beginnings are small and seem insignificant, but as you take each step toward your goal you become closer to achieving it.

It is extremely difficult in the beginning, so you need to push yourself and keep yourself motivated. Read inspiring self help books, encouraging quotes and watch inspirational sayings videos that offer ways to improve personal development and give you the necessary push to take action.We all dream,but the difference is in those who turn their dreams into action,than to keep dream and not acting upon your dreams.