Purpose-the drive to become.

Often we think of our destiny as a destination in our future, most often a distant one, but real destiny isn’t designated by a single place but in fact is a journey taken toward a desired goal. It is when we’ve come to the end of that journey that we can feel a sense of accomplishment, but allow me to ask a direct question.

Once you’ve traveled the long road to the achievement of that destination; have you given thought to what will happen when you finally reach that desired place?

Once we arrive at one place we must plot a new destination which in turn deepens our purpose and expands our vision, most often in the ways we can’t ever anticipate but in ways we can look back upon and see the Divine hand of God in directing our steps.

Our destiny begins now, not in the future. I recently heard the story of the now famed Justin Bieber. I admit I am not much of a fan of his music but I am of his commitment to achieve his desired purpose. He knew that he was destined to sing and he plotted out his plan to achieve that goal. Most people know that he was discovered as a result of a YouTube video that went viral; however, most people (including me) didn’t know is that he set out with the purpose of building his own following by using social media platforms. One day his music went viral and with the built in fan base the record labels lined up to sign him.

What did he do…he grabbed hold of his destiny and fulfilled his purpose through driven determination. Now if a twelve year old boy can become a teen pop star because he knew his gift was music, put a rough plan in place to share his talent with an ever growing number of fans. What can you and I do to achieve our purpose in this limited lifetime we have available?

We can all fulfill our purpose if we just adopt a clear and unwavering determination to start, to stay and to never give up on what we are destined to achieve and with God’s gentle nudges guiding us we can’t fail so why not give it everything we got.