So often people cry out at life wondering why they have been cursed. Why no opportunities have been given to them. Why they must continue to lead the lives they so desperately want to change. The truth of the matter is, the opportunities that they’ve been seeking have always been there; only in the unrecognizable form of their problems. Life has handed us numerous opportunities on a silver platter covered in the finest gift wrapping paper with a nice bow tie and a bright red cherry on top of it to boot. The problem is that these opportunities reside inside an ugly, torn up cardboard box labeled as “Problems”. Our job is to open that box and take out the treasures that lie within. What treasures can we find? We will always without a shadow of a doubt find these two treasures inside. 1. Leverage to Change. 2. Personal Responsibility.

Here’s the best part. The bigger the problem, the bigger the box, the bigger the treasures are inside. As we read stories of those who have initiated remarkable change within their lives, we begin to realize that the instigation of that change always lied within a problem, and a big problem at that. One example that comes to mind is Tony Robbins. You probably know him as the motivational guru you see late at night on infomercials. If memory serves me correct, Tony Robbins was working as a janitor and living in a studio apartment by the beach. One day while washing his dishes in his bathtub, he had that moment. What was that moment? He was sick and tired of all the problems in his life. He was overweight, depressed, not making enough money, unhappy, etc., so he ran out of his apartment and ran on the beach as fast as he could for as long as he could, till he could run no more. He let it all out on his run. When he came back, he wrote down everything in his life that he would not stand for and then wrote down everything he wanted to achieve. On that day, he made up in his mind that it was up to him and him alone to change his life and that realization coupled with his leverage to change initiated the domino effect to where he is today. That was the spark that started the wildfire.

So often people try to find that spark outside themselves. That spark must be found within. YOU have to reach down deep inside and pull that spark out of you and the easiest way to do that is use your gift of problems. Problems give us unimaginable potential for training and growth in life. When we resolve to solve these problems rather than become weighed down by them, we effectively enroll ourselves in the University of Life. There are no books, no classes, and no professors in the University of Life. You are the professor. You are the student. You must search for the books. You must search for the classes. You must seek out whatever you need to solve this problem and what will happen is that you’ll find you are perfectly capable of doing it. Why? You have the leverage which gives you the resolve to solve the problem and you have embraced that all powerful notion of personal responsibility. You have the desire to change and you know that it’s all up to you to do it. If you give your full trust to somebody to complete a task, they will feel empowered to do it.

 Similarly, if you give your full trust to yourself by embracing this powerful notion of personal responsibility, you will feel empowered and that power combined with your leverage to change is the formula for the beginning of the solution to your problem. The leverage to change is something that cannot be bought. It is a huge factor in the catalyst of change because it gives you that all important ingredient to the start of any change. Not belief, not action, not persistence, but desire. White hot desire like the temperature in the center of our sun. Who is more likely to win a boxing heavyweight championship match? The reigning champion or the challenger who has been dreaming of the opportunity to fight for the title from day one? The challenger who has shed blood and tears training in the gym to the wee hours of the night, studying the footage of his opponent, and imagining the victory every time he breathed or the champion who has lost his desire because he achieved his goal? The edge goes to this challenger without a shadow of a doubt. Why? He has the leverage. He has the hunger to win and he knows it’s up to him to do achieve it. Nobody else. Nobody else can step into that ring for him. Only him. When the fingers stop pointing outward from yourself and slowly start to turn 180 degrees and point inward, you know from that moment on your life has changed. You’ve crossed the bridge. There’s no going back. When a person is first hit with this realization, that everything lies upon him, that he and he alone inevitably brought everything into his life, the typical response is one of overwhelming despair, of depression, of hopelessness, but in the blackness of that despair, a ray of bright white light will pierce through it and he will dawn upon the empowering realization that if he was the cause of everything in his life, he is also the cause of all future change within his life. When that realization hits him, a wave of calmness comes over his body.

He experiences confidence for the first time in its rawest form. He does not leap for joy, but rather smiles as he realizes that he has found that certain something that he felt eluded him his entire life. The key that starts change. Personal responsibility. If it’s up to you, which it most certainly is, then it’s up to you, and you alone to change. That coupled with the leverage to change is all one needs to turn a problem into an opportunity to create a better life. Everything starts flowing from that like a river and the ironic thing is that the problem brings along with it everything you need to find the solution.

 Most people slap away life’s gifts of problems and let them pile up and as the gifts that life gives keep on getting rejected, they will seemingly come on fewer and fewer occasions until they come no more. The truth is, they have always come and they always will. It’s just that people’s eyes have been gradually shut till they can see them no more. It’s time to open your eyes and see problems for more than what they appear to be because once you do that, you start to realize that the tools to finding the solutions have always lied within them.

Herbert Prince Mtowo



Once you find the dream you want to accomplish, keep it to yourself. Keep it to yourself, unless….we’ll get to the unless part in just a second. At the point where you’ve decided what dream you’re going to pursue, your dream is analogous to a seed that has just been planted. It’s in a delicate state. If you try telling people your dream at this infant stage, 9/10 times the people you tell will inadvertently or maliciously crush your dreams and you will find that it’s from the people you’re closest to.

They don’t mean you any harm; it’s just that they will automatically inject fear and doubt into your plans, rendering them inept. Call it human nature, call it fear, call it worry, call it whatever you want, it happens. For example, let’s say you announce to your friends over dinner that you want to open up a landscaping business. I guarantee you that you will get at least one of the following responses. “Opening your own business is a lot of work. Did you know 90% of businesses fail?” “How are you going to compete with the other companies?” “Where are you going to get the capital? Borrowing is risky, because if you can’t pay it back, you’re liable and you’re going to have to file for bankruptcy and that will ruin your credit.” “Be careful, you’re going to have to keep track of everything.” “I know a guy who started his own business and then he lost everything.”

Notice how quickly they are to poke holes in your dreams. This can be due to either two reasons. 1) They don’t want you to succeed. 2) They genuinely care about you and don’t want to see you get hurt. You know why the vast majority of people don’t want you to succeed? It’s because they see in you what they fear to do. The sight of you going for your dreams reminds them of their lack of courage to do so. They secretly want you to fail. You will find that 99.9% of the people in this world want you to fail. Even though they may seem like they want you to succeed, they secretly want you to fail. They want to see you defeated in order to justify their own cowardice. However, some of your friends may have good intentions. They truly don’t want to see you get hurt, so they advise you of the ill consequences, but that just causes more harm than good, because it makes you second guess your dreams when they are in the infant stage. Here’s the unless part. If you do decide to tell a person your dream, be very picky. Choose someone who will light up at the sound of your plan, get excited, and encourage you to go for it. However, these types of people are very lacking nowadays. But seek them out anyways and habitually associate with them.

The reason why I wrote this post is because I’ve had experiences in which I disclosed my dreams to those around me. I listened to them talk me out of my dreams and I let some of them slip by because of it. Then one day, I decided to pursue one of my dreams anyway, despite all the negativity surrounding me. That dream was to BECOME A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AND AUTHOR, I made the mistake of telling people this dream early on and as a result, got a lot of negative feedback on how I didn’t have the TRAINING, THE EXPEREINCE, or the extracurricular activities to get in. This feedback was given to me by FRIENDS and EXPEREINCED SPEAKERS. But you know what? I still made it happen and I can tell you its one of the best feelings in the world to be able to do something that people have said you cannot do. I’ll be honest, there were times when I doubted myself because of all the negative feedback I was getting, but I managed to keep going, BARELY. Listening to all that negative feedback can really take a toll on you. Had I kept that dream to myself early on, I’m sure it would’ve been much easier on me and I would not have doubted myself as much.

 So keep things to yourself for now, until you have made significant progress and can toss away any fear or doubt that’s directed toward you and your dreams when you disclose them. If you have already told people your dreams and have been met with negative feedback and have become discouraged, I leave you with a final tale to encourage you to move on. Many years ago, a famous race was held on an extremely high and steep mountain. Men from all over the world came to compete to climb to a specific marker on the mountain within a time limit of 15 minutes. Since the marker on the mountain was so high and the terrain so steep, nobody in the crowd thought that it was possible to reach the maker in 15 minutes. The starting gun fired and the men quickly started up the mountain. One by one, they started to quit out of exhaustion. The crowd, seeing this, shouted: “It’s too high.” “Nobody will make it.” “The terrain is too steep.” “There’s not enough time. See how everybody’s quitting!” Upon hearing these jeers from the crowd, other men began to quit as well. But one man didn’t. He kept on going. The crowd took note of this and looked at the countdown on the clock and yelled even louder that it was impossible, that there was no way he could do it with the time remaining. He reached the marker in under 15 minutes and became victorious. When he came back down the mountain, the crowd swarmed him urging him to tell his secret. What was his secret? No special secret. Turned out he was deaf.

Unless you have somebody you trust that will encourage you to go for your dreams, keep it to yourself. However, if you do decide to tell people (I recommend you don’t early on), remember not to listen to their negativity. It serves no useful purpose. Just keep at it and prove them wrong.

WAITING FOR LOVE–KEEP WAITING( its coming your way soon)

There is the tendency for people to feel uncomfortable in the “in between” times, while awaiting loves entry. Whether it’s the desire to date someone special or to secure a sexual partner… there is a sense of incompleteness that attends most of this process. That drive comes from the inner urge to find partnership in the hopes of new beginnings. There can be daunted expectations or frustrated attempts. In this time period, it’s important to continue to live life. And, to live life fully.

We can’t make another person jump into our lives. We can’t magically produce the partner we want. In thinking that life is incomplete without this special “someone,” we put ourselves in a holding pot ,that keeps us from enjoying the life we do have, now. This type of thinking is the surest way to repel anyone who may be interested.

The most attractive quality a person can possess is confidence. Part of that confidence is not only in oneself, but a confidence in the flow of life. To allow life to be lived fully while in expectant anticipation of partnership, is the key to attracting the “other” we seek. We are not incomplete. We are not faulty or missing out on life. There’s nothing wrong with being single and enjoying the experience. Partnership is the merging of two souls. Yet there has been the social-construct that infers being “one,” isn’t enough. If we think we’re bright, attractive and interesting… why are we single? Why not? To be single doesn’t imply that we are less. It’s simply a definition of one who isn’t currently partnered. When we do finally meet that special person, we’ll be adding them to a life we already have. First, we need to have a life. Then, the partner is simply an addition to an already full life.

There are perks that come with being single. We have the ability to focus solely upon ourselves. We have no one to report to, or with whom to negotiate our choices. Our time is our own. We have only our problems to attend to, and only our desires to fulfill. We have the rare opportunity to explore what we want, when we want and without constraint. It’s a rich and beautiful experience, if we allow it to be. The more we add to our lives in this period, the more we have to offer when partnership arrives



Dealing with the pain of infidelity is not an easy thing. Once you come to the realization that your partner has been unfaithful it can feel very much like the ground beneath you has given away. Your life, as you have known it, ceases to exist. You are suddenly thrust into an emotional blender and you feel as though you don’t know which direction is up. Trying to process your emotions isn’t something that can be done overnight. It takes time, patience and understanding to heal from adultery. There are specific things you can do that will help you move through the pain and get on to living your life again as a whole person.

When you are dealing with the pain of infidelity you have to acknowledge that the affair wasn’t your fault. This sounds simple enough but it’s not. Many people who are the victims of an affair in their relationship start to question their own self worth. That’s completely understandable given the fact that the person you loved most in the world has chosen someone else in an intimate sense. You wonder if it happened because you weren’t physically desirable anymore or perhaps you’ll question whether your partner has fallen out of love with you. Affairs happen for any number of reasons but in each and every case it’s the person who cheated who has to shoulder the blame. Looking outside of your primary relationship for intimate gratification is a choice. Your partner made that choice and it wasn’t you or anything that you did that pushed them to do that.

You also have to express what you are feeling to your partner and they must be willing to listen to you. Being cheated on brings up a whole host of emotions in a person. You feel angry, confused, sad, rejected and unsure of the future. You need to have the freedom to explore those feelings and to get them out into the open. If your partner is focused on fixing your broken relationship, he or she will be more than willing to bear the brunt of what you have to share.

You’re also going to have a number of questions that you need answered. Even though your partner may cringe when you ask them, it’s important that they answer them as truthfully as possible for you. One of the most painful things about infidelity is the mystery that surrounds it. If you don’t know the details of what happened, you will constantly wonder. That’s why one of the best ways for dealing with the pain of infidelity is to just get everything out in the open so it can then stay in the past from that moment forward.

Many couples have to face the issue of infidelity in their relationship.

Fallacy of Compatibility

I dont how many of us  know that song, ‘Please release me let me go, ‘cause I don’t love you anymore?’ That is hogwash. You want to be free. And then you break free and suddenly you find out that freedom is not so good anymore. You are lonely. There is nobody who cares. You have to go round and try and find somebody else now. And every single person you find has only got one thing in mind. They want to use you, take from you, suck the goodness out of you and spit you out again.

You say, “But I’m looking for Mr Right. I’m looking for Miss Right. She’s out there somewhere.”

“And how will you know when you find her?”

“Well, we’ll just click you know. We’ll be compatible.”

That’s a lovely word isn’t it?

“Well you know, my husband and I, we are not compatible. So therefore, it’s pointless us continuing with this marriage. I need to break this and find somebody that I’m compatible with.”

What does compatible mean? It means you want to find somebody who dances to your tune. It means you want to find somebody who does not upset you, somebody who does not cramp your style. If you are a dominating person you want to find a partner that you can control and dominate. And if you are a grown up mommy’s boy that looking for a mommy, you want to try and find somebody that is going to dominate you.

We call it compatibility. There is no such thing as it. How can two sinful people be compatible? Yes it is true there are differences in temperaments, and we will be looking at that later. We will be looking at it in a lot of detail in our Counseling Series, on how temperamental make-ups affect each one of us. And we are going to be looking at it especially in the marriage situation to see how temperaments flow together to get two people to complement each other.

But most people do not think of that when they think of compatibility. They are just thinking of somebody they do not fight with; somebody that they feel comfortable with. And a lot of the time you do not even know what you are looking for, so you do not even know when you have found it. So you try this person to see if this is the one, and you get married to that person and it does not take long for you to find out that, “Hey, we’re not compatible. He doesn’t do things my way.”

“Hey, she just doesn’t give me what I want all the time. How can we be compatible?”

So, you hop on the marriage merry-go-round again; in divorce and remarriage, in divorce and remarriage; in divorce and remarriage. And so the merry-go-round continues. Until eventually you just get off the merry-go-round and stand and watch it go round and round. You are too scared to get on any more because you cannot find that person. So you come to the conclusion that no such person exists.

It is a lie. It is a lie of Satan, because you believed his lie in the first place. We are going to be looking at it in much more detail in this marriage series. We are going to be looking at all of these aspects. So in this study I am just going to cover a groundwork or foundation if you like of all the things that we are going to be covering. You see, the only way that you can be compatible is to do things God’s way. You have to do it His way. And if you do it His way it is guaranteed to work.

Work Needed

You know the ‘w’ word – work? You know that thing that we hate? Work. Well, it is going to take work. It is not just going to fall into your lap. You are going to have to work at it. And you are going to have to know how to work at it. You are going to have to know what to do about it to make this thing work. That’s what we are going to be teaching you in this series.

So where are we headed? We are going to be looking at the Scriptural standard for marriage. We are going to have a look at where we tend to violate that standard. We are going to see why people violate it, and we are going to see what happens when they violate it. Then we are going to show them how to correct their mistakes. In the end we are going to get a new view of marriage and give some plans of action to fix things..We are just looking now at the marriage aspect, but there is going to be so many other areas that all interlink and interrelate and all come together to affect us, because so many things that affect the marriage are caused by personal problems in each marriage partner.

If you are going to solve the marriage, you have to solve the problem in the individual first, because marriage actually is very simple. We are going to have a look at it shortly, and see how simple it really is. Just the complications in our lives and the other problems that we have in our lives are what make our marriage complicated too.

Marriage Important to God

So I want to look at some marriage basics firstly. I want you to realise that God considers marriage so important that He dealt with it first. Do you know that? If you pick up your Bible and read, you will find that way back at the beginning God speaks about marriage. Marriage is very important. It is high on God’s priority. That is why it is also high on Satan’s priority, because the marriage is the key to victory in the spiritual life. A successful and happy marriage are at the base of you succeeding in ministry; of living the kind of life God wants you to; of walking in the way of blessing that the Lord has for you. And if Satan can attack you right there he can begin to destroy everything that God has for you.

So marriage is vitally important. How important is marriage? If marriage is so important, then why may I ask is it not top billing in every sermon that preachers are preaching? Why is it not top billing in teaching seminars? The last prophetic conference that you went to, how much time did they spend on marriage? The last revival that you went to, how much emphasis was put on marriage? WE HAVE TO FACE IT MARRIAGE IS THE KEY RELATIONSHIP THAT BIRTHS ALL OTHER RELATIONSHIPS,IT STARTS IN THE FAMILY,HOME OR HOUSE-IN  MARRIAGE.Though it has not  been given its place in society today,thatdoesnt make it less important,it still is up thhere as thee most important relationship.


Even in the midst of pain, separation and disappointment, you’re still in God’s protective custody. With Him nothing ‘just happens’. ‘Coincidence’ is what takes place when He decides to remain anonymous!

Look at Jonah: God sent him to Nineveh but instead, he boarded a ship headed in the opposite direction. Now it ‘just happened’ that a storm blew up. He was dumped  overboard, a great fi sh swallowed him, threw him up three days later and the fi rst words he heard when he hit the beach were, ‘Go to Nineveh.’ You can go the easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours! One thing is certain; every purpose of God shall be performed!
A little girl was running to get to Sunday school on time, praying, ‘Lord, don’t let me be late.’ Suddenly she tripped, fell and got her dress dirty. Getting back up she brushed herself off and said, ‘Lord, You know I don’t want to be late, but You don’t have to shove!’

Sometimes God gives us a shove to: a) get us out of our rut or b) get us over our fear.That’s because He’s in charge. He’ll ‘take you, break you, and make you‘, in order to carry out His will. Satan has never once been able to abort God’s plan. In sickness,poverty, abandonment, betrayal or mistreatment, nothing ever ‘just happens’. Behind the scenes, God is orchestrating everything. Romans 8:28 tells us that, ‘…all things work together…according to His purpose,’ including the things you’re going through right now!


Certain people will leave you. When they do, let them go! Don’t try to talk them into staying. Your destiny is seldom tied to those who walk away! The Bible says, ‘They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us…’ (1 John 2:19 NIV). When people don’t belong in your life anymore, even a bucket of super glue won’t make them stay!

Orpah’s leaving didn’t make her a bad person; it just meant her part in the story was over. Recognise when somebody’s part in your story is over as well, otherwise you’ll keep trying to raise the dead. David pleaded with God for his baby’s life. He ‘fasted…spent the nights lying on the ground…and he would not eat…’(2 Samuel 12:16-17 NIV). But when the child died, he had to accept that there was nothing more he could do, so he ‘got up…washed…changed his clothes…and he ate’ (2 Samuel 12:20 NIV).
Know when something’s over! If God means you to have it, He’ll give it to you. When you’ve tried to make it work and it hasn’t, accept His will in the matter. Never beg anyone to stay with you against their will. Their leaving is no accident; the ‘gift of goodbye’ is a scriptural one. It means God’s got something better in store for you (and possibly them too), so keep trusting Him until it comes to pass!




Don’t you know that I’m the one

Can’t you see who I’ve become

I’ve grown to be the man for you

Though not for once, I had a clue


The moment I heard your voice again

I was transformed to a state of Zen

I felt the joy running down my spine

Like both our worlds were combined


It was such an unexpected feeling

Now I find myself always smiling

And every time you cross my mind

You sprinkle Love that’s sweet & kind


I asked Why Now and not before,

Had these feelings knocked on my door

But I guess I’ll never really know

Cause Love’s a mystery, like the rainbow.


When love flows, life is good. When our hearts are blocked we feel the pain. How do we heal a hurting heart? How do we grow love, experience more love and value the love we have? Can we increase the love we share with others? The easy, emphatic answer is YES! Yes you can, you were born to love! It’s been a color in your crayon box from the very beginning. There are as many ways to heal and love as there are people on earth, so I’m going to start with a few heavy hitters that anyone can make use of.

 Love Yourself

The single most important thing you can to do to heal a hurting heart is love you. The world around you will reflect this love back every day. It’s that simple. Look at yourself in the mirror. Love everything you see. Look at you, you’re the only person completely like you ever- Looking just how you look, thinking just what you think and being just you is all you need to be loved. You’re loveable just for breathing. It’s that easy! On the other hand, do you see things you don’t like? Is any part of you scoffing at such a simple exercise? Keep reading.

Take Responsibility for your   Love.

If you want more or better love in your life you have to nurture it like a garden. Grow love by putting time and energy into your own health and happiness and important relationships like your family, friends and community. Love them! What do you want to give them? Write down five easily achievable things right now. What can you give right now? Give it! What does your heart want to do for the people you love? Write down five things you want to do for them and get going! Hurting hearts look for love to be given. Full hearts give. No control or seduction required. You don’t have to be perfect, richer or more beautiful. I promise you, it’ll come back.

 Clear stagnant energy in your heart out.

Do you feel a tightening in your chest around certain places, people or events? That’s your heart closing. What do you do if your heart’s blocked up? Your heart is made to lighten its load automatically! It’s called grief and works through crying. Tears are a built-in heart cleanser, free of charge. It’s that easy. You don’t even have to know ‘why’, that’s the mind’s job and this is love we’re talking about. Try watching a dramatic movie, read a romantic story, talk to a close friend, write in your diary, take some time alone, give someone you love a five minute hug, listen to a love ballad, anything that touches your heart. During a session, clients will often cry if we are working on heart cleansing. The heart knows what it needs.

 Unapack your  baggage.

We’ve all got past pains hanging around and you are never too young or old to unpack them. Having trouble with an important relationship? I guarantee its calling up some of your heart’s baggage. You’re being asked to unpack it and grow. The sooner you do the less likely you will carry it beyond today, on in your relationships, pass it on to your kids or develop an illness, injury or disease. The key to whether it’s going to keep hurting or improve hinges on how well you pay attention and develop your consciousness.

Try this: set your intention to unpack or work on some aspect of your life and really mean it. Now recall a situation you’ve been in recently that love ‘turned sour’ and ask yourself some questions. Notice how you feel. Did this bring up anger, sadness, betrayal? All feelings are valid. There is no need to judge, just observe. Have you felt this way before? Take a moment and consider what situations this event is similar to. If this is a cycle, what are the details? What are you trying to learn here? What are you trying to get over? If you mean to experience more and better love, stay engaged and feel your feelings. Then refer to all of the rest of the tips above and below.

 Love better.

Think of it as an art you were born to do, but you’ve only had very limited training with the tools. There are a lot of great thinkers, more great builders and workers, and even more fighters already, but very, very few people have reached the same capacity with loving. Love seems most noticeable for people when they’re with or thinking about the people they love. Visualize a baby, your child or intimate partner, a beloved pet, a plant that you care for meticulously just for the joy of doing it, a life-long friend or a parent. Do you swoon for a movie star? Perfect, just do it! Let your heart fill up with how wonderful you feel about what you love, then bring that love to places in people in your life that need it, including yourself.

Learn to  forgive.

One of the most powerful tools for healing your heart is forgiveness. If you have been hurt by someone it is important to forgive them. Don’t wait for them to apologize. They may never be able to, and meanwhile you’ll still carry around the pain of being a victim. When you forgive someone else you release yourself from carrying around the pain. As the old saying goes “bitterness is a poison we drink ourselves to hurt someone else.” This includes finding and forgiving ourselves for the ‘unforgivable mistakes’ of our past actions.


If you’ve been hurt by someone in your life who will continue to actively try and hurt you, you will need to address that. For people in eminent danger of real harm from loved ones, leave or care for yourself however you need to. Regardless of how painful what you suffered was, try to forgive and heal yourself. This is a MUST for old pains you are carrying with you. You can never protect yourself from something that isn’t happening now, it will just end up blocking what’s good in your life.

 Be vulnerable.

Learn how to have a healthy relationship to vulnerability. This could also be called “develop personal safety” or “Trust”. Hearts are tender things and daily life can be rough on them. Traffic, bills, school, work, news, none of these things cultivate warm fuzzies on their own. Human life has been relatively rough for a long, long time. Its only now IN THE WORLD that there is such consistent excessive abundance – we’ve gone way beyond simple basics – that we’re able to recognize that the toughening required to make it this far is costing us. The market supports acquisition and entertainment, and instinctively this just isn’t enough. Think right now of at least one person you can really talk openly with, really let your guard down, who will listen to you and not judge you. Even if you don’t see them often, keep in touch. Just by being themselves they will help you remember the finest, softest, strongest parts of you heart. Love cannot exist without them.


The road to healing your heart can bring up feelings of discomfort, sadness, fear and loneliness but I promise you, you were born ready and able to do it. The experience can be exhilarating, liberating, empowering, life-affirming and freeing. This beats winning the lottery and winning a war hands down. Imagine taking off your sunglasses to find a world gushing love like a bunch of Beatles fans. The best part is that the love that will satisfy all your aches and pains is a part of you and you are a part of it. Love doesn’t cease because pain is present. The truth is that love exists within you and around you, always flowing through you. Ever wonder why “The Force” is such a compelling idea in the Star Wars movies? It is love. Don’t wait for Yoda! Trust that love is real, love is good, grief is healing and that you can heal your heart. It may take courage but you are strong enough to deal with pain and vulnerability, and you will never regret it. Be happier and healthier. Make love and loving a priority in your life.


Falling in love is a true mystery. We so often fall in love with someone who is not our type or someone whom we never thought we’d fall for, but these things happen every day and we wonder how did this happen. It really is an unexpected feeling when we realize that we have fallen in love.


Maybe through our interactions with the other, we are molded to become more understanding of each other, more appreciative of each other, and therefore we become perfect for each other. No one can deny the influence that our lovers have over us, and the impact they have in shaping our views, perspectives and opinions.


Mysteries are not meant to be understood, rather they are meant to be endured, lived and enjoyed so we would become someone better than we already are. Mysteries were never meant to be solved. They are about transforming us through love. They are about witnessing the miracle and feeling grateful for its presence without the need for understanding and analyzing.


It’s about simply being in this state of love, where everything makes sense without the need for further explanation. It’ about looking deeply in the person you love’s eyes and seeing that miracle manifest itself in your daily lives, as you express your true loving emotions to each other and act upon them. Love is the energy that runs this world behind the scenes, transforming loves all around the globe. We don’t need to question it or doubt it, but we need to be grateful and thankful for its presence in our lives.