There are days when I was happy and life was fun
The life seemed perfect and wonderful
There was not a thing that can bring tears into my eyes
Haters seemed like challenges and milestones
Lovers realized of the beauty and good heart inside me
Daylight seemed like light coming straight from the heaven
Night seemed like sky full of diamonds and hope for the next day
Even the saddest songs sounded like sweet chimes

People depressed of life seemed jerks and life wasters
Studies seemed like a clear direction towards a bright future
Writing a diary, didn’t matter as life was amazing and full of secrets that I didn’t want to share
Scolding from parents seemed like a sweet voice coming out of big mouths

Friends seemed like my life partners and jewels
Mind was full of adventure and fun-filled plans
Facebook seemed like an ideal place to show people how perfect my life was.

When I saw myself in mirror my reflection made me realized how faultless person I was .My eyes seemed like magical balls that could do wonders and turn anything ugly into beautiful .A big twist in my life that turned everything into a dark cave full of useless dangerous creatures

Now I cry in silence and no one can hear my tears
My heart my soul twinges, I don’t know what to do
I have nothing, all I feel is loneliness in my life
If I try to care all I get is pain, so I don’t care
Everything I had is lost; no one is there to see me through
Friends seem like enemies and way of passing time

I don’t know how much I can go through, till I break into pieces
My mind is empty and full of dark thoughts
As everything I used to be is lost and I’ve forgotten what I really was .That person is a bygone, whom no one remembers of

Who doesn’t have anyone to miss her absence
Who is not favorite of anyone
The feeling of the moment what all I am going through breaks my soul into pieces
The pieces that cannot be fixed now
Hope has left me, or I have left hope I am bemused
Nights seem frightening and never-ending
Days seem dry and dull, sunshine irritates me
Studies seem like a formality that every living person has to full fill

This is me and my life…