The Essence of Success


I’m sure everyone even those who are not happy with themselves have some points or areas about themselves which they are happy with. Even the worst rascal has a virtue about himself that he is happy about. I need not mention the virtuous for they have many things about themselves of which they feel proud. Being also human, I have things about myself that I’m happy with; every time that I meet a successful person in any area of endeavor I do not feel jealousy or hasten to criticize them, instead I admire them. As long as they are successful in their field I appreciate them because I have learnt that a wise person does not spew reproachful recriminations upon things that he or she does not fully fathom. I make an extra effort to study what makes them successful.

In my study of the successful, I have found many discoveries but I wish to share only one with you. There are many of course but this one I believe, is the bright golden thread woven through all of man’s success.

Success in life takes time. In other words, it is a process and processes do take time. It can be a short time or a long time but the fact is, it takes time. Success then lies in what you do during that time. What many people call success is a result and not the real thing. Success is what you do during the time allocated to you. Every man and woman has time allocated to them to create their success and what they then do during that time is what determines success or its exact opposite.

A student goes to school or college and is allocated a number of hours translating into days, weeks, months and years. Their success lies not in their zeal but in their use of the time apportioned to them. When they spend one day playing and skip studying they are putting in motion the process that begets failure. The same is true for any field of endeavor.

When we watch the Olympics with Michael Phelps taking sixteen Olympic medals we are bound to think that he succeeded on the day of the competition when the truth is that he succeeded during the practice sessions by allocating his time effectively to rigorous training and practice.

Everyone has this commodity called time but the use of it is what differentiates us. Those who usually put it to wrong use, just like the lazy who complain about how hard they work, are the best at complaining that there is no time. The same time whose unavailability they complain about, is being used by others to achieve their dreams and attain success.

Every time that you realize you need to work on your gift and tell yourself that you do not have the time, know this one fact that someone with the same gift is working on it and getting another step ahead of you.

Remember, when our parents die they do not leave us even a millisecond of the time that they did not put to use. Your time is your time.

We have started the second quarter of 2012, how are you making use of your time in light of your goals?