Build them and make them strong.

By Herbert Mtowo

Do you long for a lasting relationship? Is your hearts desire to find Mr. Right and live happily ever after? Wonder what it takes to get a guy to commit? Wonder no more. If you answered yes to these questions, read on for ways to get him to commit.

A lasting relationship is what we all want. We long for the one person with whom we can share our lives. While it may seem impossible, there are ways to get a guy thinking long term, marriage and on the path to a lasting relationship.

Set relationship boundaries:

Once upon a time, if a guy wanted a girl all to himself, he HAD to marry her. Today, women are much more independent and in their independence have created a scenario where guys don’t NEED to get married anymore.

If your guy is worth marrying, let him chase you. Encourage him to be the man by calling you, planning dates, and setting the tone and pace for the relationship. Guys are hunters. They enjoy the chase and challenge. Let him do what nature designed him to do…chase after you.

Save sex for way later in the relationship, in fact, consider waiting until you’re married. Yes, that sounds old fashioned and dated, but it works. Companionship and sex are key components to a relationship. Spending time with you is the companionship element, so if you add sex into the mix, why should he get married. He has all the benefits without the hassle.

Leave the games in high school:

Women are adept at playing games and using drama to their advantage. When you want a lasting relationship with a guy, playing games that create jealousy and distrust can spell relationship disaster. Mature woman are honest and forthright in letting their man know how they feel

Shy away from telling him about guys that flirt with you or call you. Refrain from creating situations that don’t exist to make him jealous. It may work short term, but ultimately, if you need to resort to deception to get him to marry you, he probably isn’t right for you.

The path to a lasting relationship is not always easy. By setting relationship boundaries and leaving games behind, you have created a straight line between two points which is always shortest.