I Have been hurt several times,will I ever love again?

After a few weeks into what seems like a promising relationship, everything grinds to a painful halt. A concerned friend speaks with the girl to find out what exactly is happening. She replies: ‘Peter hurt me. Now I can never love again.’ When I hear about it what comes to my head is one word: ‘really?’

Perhaps, you have heard someone say something similar to the hurt girl quoted above. Or perhaps you have even made a similar comment yourself. If you have not already rescinded that decision, I am completely confident that you will do so immediately after reading this article.

If you think that that the man who says he will never drink water again because his relative has drowned in a river is losing his mind, then surely you agree with me that a girl saying she will never love again is in need of some serious counseling. Throwing your heart away just because you have one bad relationship is like a woman throwing away her baby with the bathwater!

Do you want to spend the rest of your life alone? Do you want to eat, sleep and wake alone, everyday, for the rest of your life? I certainly hope not!

Another reason why you would not want to make a decision like that is: anger can quickly develop into emptiness and misery. Everybody has a space in his heart that should be filled with love-especially that provided by a partner. When this love is not present, however, hate quickly grows in its place.

Therefore, instead of closing up your heart, it will prove a much better idea to do away with all feelings of anger and hatred and thus embrace love again. With the experience of your past mistake you can build a lasting and fruitful relationship this time. ‘There is no remedy for love than to love more’-Henry Thoreau.

Please change your mind now, and avoid ending up like those bitter old women who having refused love and embraced hate, live every moment in sorrow, and hate to see young ones happy.

Let us conclude by returning to the story of the girl quoted at the start of this article; even though her mind seemed made up, with the help of friends and family she slowly recovered from the pain of her heartbreak, became friends with other young men, and of course has settled into another love affair. Hopefully, this time things will turn out right.Move on,I can tell you confidently,allow the wounds to heal you sure can love again.