Take responsibilty to love him

 There is a ton of information written about this topic and it may get confusing because some of them say that you have to treat a man like a king while others advice women to be strong-willed and make the man feel that they are the boss. It’s actually pretty straightforward, respect your man without being a doormat. There are many ways on how to keep a guy happy but let’s not complicate things here. There are simple but foolproof ways on how you can make your boyfriend or husband grinning with happiness at the very thought of you.

1.) Respect his Privacy. Just because he is committed to you it doesn’t mean that you can demand for his Facebook and e-mail password. And please don’t think that you can tinker with his phone and scan his contacts and messages. Every adult has the right to privacy and if you trust your man, why do you need all his passwords? Bottom line is if you can’t trust the guy then walk away from him. You’re saving yourself and your partner from the horrors of endless fights and confrontations. If you are in a mature, loving relationship and your partner does not give you any reason to distrust him then you shouldn’t check all the messages and drive yourself crazy by snooping in his business. If you respect your man’s privacy, he would respect yours too.

2.) Cook for him. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s a cliché but I’ve always believed in that which is why I learned how to cook at such an early age. Cooking is a glorified skill that you have to learn. No buts no ifs! As simple or as shallow as it may sound, cooking for a guy fulfills a basic human need and it also sparks off feelings about being cared for. Find out about your man’s favorite dishes and if you must, get the recipes from his mom or grandma. Give him a surprise when he comes home from work. He’s going to love you for this!

3.) Be a sex kitten. I think this is a no brainer. Pleasing a man in bed is almost a guarantee that he is going to stick around, of course with the added benefits that are mentioned above. Unleash your wild side in the bedroom whether it entails you to wear costumes or doing it in other parts of the house like the kitchen. Wear sexy lingerie and get a bikini wax. This will definitely make you feel good about your body. Also, don’t always wait for him to make the first move. It wouldn’t hurt if you take the lead sometimes. Take charge, woman!

4.) Compliment him. You think women are the only creatures who love to be complimented? Well, think again! Men are no different and if you are able to make your boyfriend or husband feel good about himself, then you clearly know how to keep a guy happy. No matter how small the compliment is (he has a great smile, gorgeous eyes, or how he looks extra handsome in that blue shirt), your man will appreciate it. Just be sincere every time you praise him. If you see something you don’t like, just don’t say anything. You don’t have to fake it and lie to him.

 5.) Don’t ever emasculate your man especially in front of his friends. Men love strong, independent women but this does not mean that they like being humiliated and berated. Never ever make a man feel less like a man even when he’s done something wrong. Don’t put him down when he makes wrong choices. Hitting below the belt is a definite no-no!