sTOP THE MADNESSThe Oscar Pistorius`s case is almost a repeat of the O.J Simpson Déjà Vu. In O.J Simpson`s case two people were brutally murdered a Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death.Their bodies found in the front courtyard of the Nicole’s condominium in Brentwood. The recent rape cases by gangs in India and South Africa,sends shock waves to the world and with more questions than answers as to what has become to mankind. The girl child and women are at a more greater threat,not from the lions and elephants in the amazon forest,but of men who prowl day and night,heartlessly,to brutally kill,rape and inflict all forms of pain and violence against them.

The recent gang-rape and murder of Anene Booysen has shocked the country into action. But what can be done?It is not good enough to teach our sons not to rape. What we need to teach our sons quite frankly and honestly is that a woman is not some “thing” placed on this planet just to satisfy whatever desire you have. Muted whispers that girls can do whatever you can, but not really, strips girls and women of the humanity and the accompanying respect they deserve. And only recently they said 90% of women who are raped don`t report their cases,because they know that,the cases will just be thrown away either for lack of evidence and not taken seriously by our Judiciary systems.

In Sudan, Fatima was just 15 when she was gang-raped in front of her mother. Seven months later, and by then heavily pregnant, the schoolgirl was arrested by the Sudanese police and charged with fornication. They threatened to whip Fatima if she didn’t pay a fine, exploiting her forced pregnancy to turn her into the victim of an extortion racket.

“They asked me who was the father of my baby,” Fatima remembered, twisting a piece of paper between her fingers. “I told them that I didn’t know. There were seven men on horses. Three of them raped me and four of them beat my mother. We had gone to get onions from our farm.”

The police threw Fatima in prison in Bendisi, western Sudan, while her family tried to scrape together the 20,000 dinar (£45) fine – a large sum in a country where the average annual wage is just £200

Should our governments and courts continue to be accommodating to such monsters who have become part of us now? Silence,and reasoning isn’t part of the solution,you and me have a much far demanding task,to make sure that such evil practices have no place in society. SHOULD WE CONTINUE IN SILENCE,and let the girl child and women be wiped away,or live hurtful and unbearable lives.. WHAT HAS BECOME OF SOCIETY TODAY,THIS BOGGLES THE MIND REALLY and SENDS SHOCK WAVES TO EVERY PARENT AND PARENT TO BE.