by Herbert Mtowo

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So what do you think could happen if you yourself suspended your disbelief that there weren’t many great men out there…And instead you lived your life with the generosity that only comes from an open heart that’s willing to seek out the best in people?

How do you think men would respond if you were that woman who believed that every man you start talking to could be interesting, SINGLE, and that he’s probably a great guy? And how do you think men would FEEL around you if they didn’t see that you looked at them suspiciously as though they might be like some of the other men who weren’t acting so great?

There’s an old principle that stands true in the world of advertising…It basically says that out of 100 people reading your ad or seeing your commercial, maybe ONE of them is that someone who would buy your product. The rest will tune your message out even if it’s a great message. This means, if you try to talk to the 100 people in your ad, you’ll fail to grab that 1 real genuine buyers attention.

To put it another way: “Don’t worry about the DOGS, concentrate on selling the FOXES.” It’s a great metaphor borrowed from a smart writer, named Gary Halbert. The point is… talk to the men you meet AS IF they’re single, open, interesting, and wonderful. And then don’t worry about the ones who don’t turn out to actually BE single, open, interesting, available, and wonderful. Use the things you’re learning from me, and KEEP USING THEM – even if they don’t work every time, and in every situation.

There are all kinds of reasons why men aren’t “ready” or interested, or stop being interested, or whatever. But this doesn’t mean that you should stop doing what works! This leads to the next point… You’re probably wondering: “Herbert, so how do I behave AS IF the man I am meeting will likely turn out to be a good guy… or even be my “Mr Right?”

When you first start talking to a man, your beliefs about men, dating, and relationships are critical.
If you don’t know how to communicate in a way that instantly shows a man that you’re one of the women who “gets it,” has confidence, and is attractive both inside and out, then you’ll probably be overlooked and mentally discounted by a man within seconds. Or a man will want to be with you for the wrong reasons, or for only a short and uncertain amount of time. Of course, to project the correct beliefs that are attractive to men, you must KNOW WHAT THEY ARE and UNDERSTAND THEM. In Other Words, You Can’t Just “Fake” Them.

You actually have to have a DEEP understanding of how men think and what makes them feel a POWERFUL, gut-level emotional attraction for a woman. It has taken FOR PEOPLE IN THIS FIELD YEARS to figure out this critical point in dating and relationships…and several more years to observe and study to help women do this quickly and easily. And without doing all kinds of “kooky” and out there stuff, or stuff that doesn’t feel “real.”

Like not calling a guy back right away, or pretending you’re busy when you’re not, or saying one thing but feeling another (WITHOUT a smile on your face as you’re saying it.). Anyway, you get what all of that means. No one likes to play “games” or have games played with them.

Get the connection, without manipulation and there is a way to completely AVOID PLAYING GAMES and get straight to the kind of connection and indirect communication that brings a man and a woman closer than by simply using words. You can’t learn to be a professional opera singer or an expert in martial arts just by learning a few “techniques.” It takes a DEEPER, more profound understanding. And you can’t learn how to be become more successful in your single life or in your relationship by learning a few of the right things to say. It just doesn’t work this way. (Think of men who believe in and try to use “pick-up lines” on women.).

This is why I’m not going to give you a list of “pick up lines” to say to men to spark their interest in this e-mail, because it just won’t work for you unless you understand the ATTITUDE that has to come before any words come out of your mouth. After spending literally YEARS seeing women I know making mistakes, seeing them trying different things, and putting the pieces together in my own studies, observation and teaching.