Ruth waiting,while busy

Ruth waiting,while busy

Boaz finds Ruth

Herbert Mtowo

What women need to know about love, relationships, and men? Wouldn’t you love it if this article had everything you ever needed to know about men in it?! Well, I’m sorry it doesn’t. But, it does have some great insights into the lives of men and what they are looking for in a woman to spend the rest of their lives with. This article speaks directly to all single women out there… but it is a timely article to those young and growing up, to warn and tell them not to be foolish and repeat the many mistakes that millions have continuously repeated in generations past and now.

Many of the WOMEN that I know talk to and have come across need to renew their mind-sets TOWARDS men, if ever they hope of getting their dream men. The topic of single women, is one that churches have struggled to deal with, we give them prayer programs, and urge them to take part in church activities, but at the same time neglect the very issue of prime concern to them, that is of helping them finding their Boaz, their sexual needs and marriage are no go areas, simply becoz the church has searched far and wide for solutions, without any. Hope this article also opens our eyes as a society to help.

There are many women I know who want to get married, but their actions and words speak otherwise. They complain about men, they make fun of men; they stereotype men and wonder out loud where all the “real men” are. But remember women, that before you can be picked, loved or kept, you have to be found or find somebody. Make it your responsibility to be found, not just say there aren’t any more good men around. Make yourself ready, your Boaz will find you and your Boaz is coming. Naomi was the wisdom packaged woman, that many young women, single and those hoping to find love need, she says to her, “Don’t leave until this matter is finished….”,but many miss love a million times because their eyes are wondering and looking for over in the wrong places.

Some women have had their “aha” moments-[Ruth when Boas came calling], that have turned their lives and attitude towards men. God can come down in a cloud from heaven one day (just kidding) and say to you, “Roberta, when men don’t think you like them, they stay away from you.” Now, I am not talking about that one guy who you don’t like but who likes you. I am talking about men in general. Hear me well women, our culture can ridicule traditional masculinity and femininity. That’s why I implore all single, women, whether Christian or not… learn about men. If you hear over and over in the media and in conversations with your sister friends that men are wrong, it will be hard to find a Mr Right.

This must sink in into the hearts and minds of all women, whether single young or old. It is a fact that men of worthy marry virtue. A marriage, relational therapist once dropped the bomb by saying, “Men of worth do not marry vagina. They marry virtue.”

The definition of virtue is to have worth and to be of good quality or admirable. To my beautiful single women out there-so many of you are missing this! Somewhere along the way you’ve bought into the LIE that ANY man is better than NO man. Whether you are single or married, let’s face it, some of you have given up the belief that you are worth fighting for or that you have anything admirable about you.

I know so many women no longer feel like they are even worthy of a good man’s love. That is a LIE! Some of you believe that they are no good men left so we settle for whoever is around. That is a LIE! Just because you’ve been treated like that in the past doesn’t make it right or even truth. Just because you haven’t found a man of worth who will treat you like the virtuous women you are doesn’t mean he isn’t out there. Ladies, don’t settle! Start to discover, and believe, your own worth. You were designed and made with a purpose and it wasn’t to give up and settle for any one, hear me and hear me well, your BOAZ is coming, dust-up, buckle up.

I am fully convinced and persuaded to believe that Ruth and Boaz didn’t have their story written for all to read and remember because they were mediocre. Nope, their relationship was special. It was one of mutual admiration, respect, love, and honor. They understood each other’s worth perfectly and treated one another so. Their story is given especially for you and me as an example. It is not a pie in the sky idea that is past its time. It is something that has happened, and that is happening and can happen to every one of us.

Let’s be honest. How many of you single women are waiting patiently for God to bring you your Boaz? How many of you are following a carefully thought out plan to weed out the bad guys from the good guys? How many of you are acting like you are someone of worth?

To all my married women… how many of you have your “Boaz” but have neglected to treat him like the man of honor that he is? Or, how many of you have let our “Boaz” forget your worth and get away with treating you like you are no longer worthy and desirable… and guys, how many of you have been OK with no longer trying?

Somehow, I hope and pray that this article gets you thinking today… and maybe even challenged your thoughts and behaviors. I want to see you and your relationships succeed. I KNOW you are created for so much more and I want to see you start to believe that. Take a chance! .Life is too short to live regretting

I urge you women and young girls to take a new look at men. We all know men and women are different and relate to each other in different ways. I would encourage you to find out how this plays out in everyday life. Renew your mind on men. Read books. Go to workshops. If you have had bad situations with men, pray and seek help. Don’t let a bad experience with a man in the past; destroy a good experience with a man in the future. That one orange fruit you picked up from a tree doesn’t mean that all the oranges in the tree are bad. Ruth came through the weeping and ended up laughing and leaping with joy!

To all the women out there who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of biblical advice: Ruth patiently waited for her mate Boaz…? While you are waiting for your Boaz, don’t settle for any of his relatives… Broke-az, Playao-az, Lyin-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Lockedup-az,Cheat-az, especially his third cousin Beatinyo-az. Wait on your Boaz and make sure he respects Yo-az.”

You want to marry a friend – not an adversary!