Success is achievable

Herbert Prince Mtowo
“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die”. These are the opening words of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3. It serves as a reminder to man that death is inevitable. It is the way every living being will go. Do you realize that your lifetime is the only time you have to do whatsoever you wish in life? Many people live their lives as though they are oblivious of this fact and so attach little or no seriousness to their lives.

This failure to realize early that life is a one-time thing is in part responsible for so much mediocrity among men. A lot of intelligent and smart guys die without maximizing their potentials. Not because they did not have enough time to optimally exploit life, but because they fail to use their time optimally. They are only remembered and talked of by close family members and friends when their names should have been indelibly stamped in human history.
Men like Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, King Gillette, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, etc. who distinguished themselves all have the same physical features like every other human being. The blood that runs in their veins is not different from that that runs in you. Some of them did not get the best of education, but they were exceedingly successful. Others didn’t come from wealthy homes and some others like Albert Einstein were dullard early in their life.

You are too loaded to be a failure. That is not who you are created to be. To walk the earth and die without leaving a strong indelible mark of great positive achievement is not why you are here.

Success is a possibility that starts in the mind and eats up a person showing in his attitudes which forms his habits and attributes. It begins with a possibility thinking and mindset. Do you think you can succeed? The first step to becoming successful in life is to have a mind full of success oriented thoughts. If the men mentioned above can succeed, you too can succeed. Success is possible for.

Wake up from your slumber. You have slept away enough time. It is not too late yet. You can still hit your business, academic, career and spiritual targets if you are determined.