By Herbert Mtowo

When it rains, it pours, just like people say. In difficult times, when you’re down and out, people whom you think will be there for you might sometimes turn their back. Because they think you’re a loser or something, they wouldn’t have time for you. Then there are some whom you think are your kin or friends, but instead of adding a bit of sunshine to your gloom, they stir up the muddle by coming out or blaming you with your micro faults and blemishes. What seems to be the worst happens at times, but this is a test of grit. Your limits might be stretched, but think of it as an opportunity to go beyond your usual boundaries. You as a person will grow. Difficult times are essentially that avenues for growth. And we all have to grow, or else our character becomes retarded.

It’s disappointing that there are people who like to kick you when you’re down. They speak in the most deplorable way and not encourage you. Keep your patience. There is a time for everything. If people speak ill of you, aggravating your down moments, don’t respond in negative anger. Respond while holding on to your truth and asserting your dignity as a person. Or otherwise, you might just have to listen and keep quiet, especially when you had been at fault. Learn from your mistakes, let positivity rule over your dejectedness. Believe that the sun will come out shining soon, and it will.

At some point in our lives we are going to go through some difficult times. Some of these we bring on ourselves and we usually know it when we do. The thing to do there is just back up and go the right direction. It is because we want something so bad that we are willing to put ourselves and those around us through the difficult time to get it.
I am not a fan of drama. Life has enough drama without us adding more to it. Keep focused on your destiny and living it out. There will be enough obstacles and situations on that path for you to deal with. However, God is preparing you for each and every one of life’s roadblocks. So, don’t ever give up. You are not a quitter. You can do this; I promise. Keep your head and your shoulders straight. You are a champion and those that stay will be champions.
However, there are tough times that come our way that were meant to help us too. We have to be trained up and made stronger. Going through tests will enable us to be stronger and enable us to walk out our destiny. There will be times we go through situations that make us better people. I know that God tests us, but He never tempts us. So if you are going through a tough situation in your life; check to see if you have a peace about it. If you have peace about it; then you know more than likely it is something that is for you to learn, grow, mature, change and shape you into the destiny person you were created to be. Make the best of the situation you are in now. See the positive that can come from it. If you can’t find the positive that can come out it; then find someone who can see it from a different perspective and get their advice. We were never designed to walk out our destiny alone. That is the reason we have relationships with other folk. Take the time today to look at the situations that you are walking through in your life and decide what you can learn from it. Make sure it was designed to help you; not something you are going through because of your own desires. Hard times can be our friend.