Managing life’s changes is impossible unless you have a very strong motivating force! You need a powerful answer to the question, ‘Why?’ ‘Why should I change?’ Why can’t he change? Why can’t she change? Why do I have to change? You will never change until you have a solid, definite answer to WHY you need to change!
Allow me to introduce you to the biggest WHY you will ever have in your life – CHAOS – your chaos. The chaos you see in your life – as managing life’s changes becomes ever more challenging with each passing year.

Don’t see chaos as just a negative thing that is dragging you down, eating up all of your energy and keeping you from achieving your goals. See it as an incredibly powerful motivator – the reason WHY you need to make big, positive changes in yourself and your whole life!

Chaos is good! Chaos is just a world of opportunities waiting for you to impose your will and your requirements – and your needs on it! Chaos is unformed, shapeless, disordered and confusing – but it isn’t fixed, rigid or unchangeable! The good thing about chaos is that with a little effort and a few changes, you can impose order on it!
Abraham Lincoln
The chaos in your life is an opportunity – just waiting for you to make the changes that will shape a chaotic life into a purposeful, productive, well-ordered and happy life. And that is an incredibly attractive reason, why you can and you should get started today on making the personal and career adjustments that will allow you to be successful in managing life’s changes.

You can take control of managing your life’s changes! Think of the swirling, formless, chaotic mass of unbounded space and formless matter that the scientists tell us existed before the creation of the universe. And then look at the perfectly formed fingers and toes of a newborn baby that are the result of the system of constant change that still rules our universe. Isn’t that proof that out of even the most chaotic situation imaginable – something good and positive and wonderful can emerge?

Don’t change because other people are telling you how you should think and act! Don’t change because you just want to fit in with what everyone else is doing!

When you find that your life is in a state of flux and uncertainty, look deeply into the chaos and find yourself, find the real you. Ask what you want and need out of your life. Only then can you start re-shaping the chaos and making the changes that will take you closer, every day, to the life you have always wanted to live!