Strengthening your wife…

Making her comfy with you

By Valentine Zhou

Men, imagine your wife achieving everything she desires to do! And when she is interviewed on national Television, they ask her – “What made you do this much greatness?”, then she simply replies, “I can do anything I purpose to do because my husband helps me, supports me, encourages me and backs my every move. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?

I remember the first days I got married; I used to say, when we had an argument with Shantelle I would pull out heavy artillery just to shoot her down and would make sure she stays down. I would even say hurtful and insulting words just to win the argument. At times I would lie just to emerge the winner. How many men relate with me there?
But as we progressed in marriage I discovered that Shantelle was no longer confident of herself anymore and I wanted to push her into being strong when I wanted her to be strong and shoot her down when we had an argument. Till one day she opened up to me and today me that your word just hurt me and destroy my self-esteem.

After I had written then what did Jesus do? A piece, I was forwarded a scripture that I know and knew very well but now it had a new meaning and a new understanding that came with it. And made me realize how I should have and how I should treat my wife from here going forth.I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.Philippians 4:13

If the bible simplifies a husband and wife relationship to that of Christ and the church, it than means as men our template then is Christ. We draw from Christ as men, we follow Christ as He is the greatest example. I then got an understanding that this has to be Shantelle saying, “I can do all thing cause Vale strengthens me”. Then I thought what did Jesus do to strengthen his church? It then dawned on me that I am not just the King in my house but also a prophet and a priest. I am my wife’s biggest supporter, I am my wife’s biggest encourage r, I am my wife’s biggest financier, I am my wife’s biggest intercessor, I am my wife’s bigger pillar of strength and I am my wife’s greatest fixer (when she makes mistakes I will not shoot her down) – just to mention a few the list is endless.

Philippians 2 says, “….let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus….” Meaning we don’t have to think what Christ would have done but focus on what he did. Christ put her bride first and made it His mission to just get the best for her. Philippians further says that insight of Him being God he lowered himself just for His bride’s sake. How much more as husbands should we make our wife’s say you are my greatest supporter? Not in public but in private.